French Cuisine With Cafe Rouge


On Saturday evening, the Mr and I were kindly invited by Café Rouge to come and try out their new Autumn + Winter menu. We already knew that their breakfast was top-notch from eating there on August Bank Holiday so we were pretty excited about our meal.


I want to start off by saying that the staff in the Liverpool One restaurant are SO friendly and lovely. Our waitress was full of recommendations and we got our food pretty sharpish which is always a bonus.

*Disclaimer: Café Rouge kindly invited us to enjoy a complimentary three course meal in return for an honest blog post.

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After our drinks arrived (water for myself and cider for the other half), we ordered our starters pretty sharpish as we had eaten for a good few hours.

I opted for my favourite: smooth chicken liver pate with apple and pear chutney and chargrilled sourdough bread. This isn’t new but you know when you just fancy pate? Basically that. It was heavenly. I can’t even tell you how delicious the chutney was! I would like that a large jar of that, please and thank you. Oh and if you can’t eat gluten, you can ask because it can be made gluten-free – WIN!

The Mr opted for Egg Meurette: a poached egg in a red wine, bacon & sautéed mushroom served with chargrilled sourdough bread. This is new to the menu and the other half really, really enjoyed it.

We also got a little side of saucisson bon-bons: pork charcuterie balls from France, with a hint of Roquefort. The Mr picked these and he basically ate them all because I wasn’t a fan but he basically inhaled them so they must have been good.

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Poulet Breton, now that is a dish I could eat every evening. Essentially, it is roast chicken supreme with mushrooms, courgettes, leeks in a herb and wine sauce served with mash. I can’t even tell you how delicious it was. The chicken fell apart as it was so succulent and moist (oh, I hate that word).

The Mr had one of the new dishes from the menu which essentially was fish and chips: breaded hake fillet with frites and tartare sauce. I, myself, am a big fan of hake as I had it quite a few times in NZ so maybe I’ll order it next time.

cr10 cr11 cr12


“Would you like a dessert?” Such a daft question…

If I wasn’t still suffering from a chesty cough, I would have probably ordered the hot chocolate fondant but as I was still a little poorly on the evening, I opted for Tarte Au Citron which in simple English terms is a lemon tart. Café Rouge were very kind and swapped the cream to ice cream for me. This was such a zesty tart and I pulled quite a few funny faces whilst eating it but if you’re looking for a dessert to cleanse your palate, this is ideal.

The Mr opted for Tarte Aux Pommes (warm apple tart with tarte tatin ice cream). He really enjoyed his dessert, especially the ice cream which neither of us had tasted before.

Overall, we had a wonderful evening at Café Rouge. From the lovely waitress we had to the atmosphere to the delicious food, we had such a wonderful evening. Thank you again to the team at the Liverpool One restaurant for having us, and for also seating us near a window so I could get decent blog pictures. Ha!

Have you tried anything from their new Autumn + Winter menu?

EL xx