Lovely Things // Week 47


I have waited for this day for weeks. In case you don’t know, I booked a little trip (one night, two days) away for the Mr and I as his birthday present. I’m not going to go into too much detail because there will be blog posts to feast your eyes upon, or so I hope…


Admin. Planning. Writing. Scheduling…

I’ve had quite a lot of blog related things to do this week, mainly on Monday and Tuesday but I actually enjoying having a to-do list and getting shizzle done. I’ve started to think of December content and seeing as you all enjoyed Blogmas last year, I’ve decided to do it again.. Crazy, right?

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Christmas at Event City

Last Sunday, the Mr and I went with our Mums to the Ideal Home Show at Event City (just across the road from the Trafford Centre) and it was BUSY! It was a Christmas show; full of decorations, ideal presents, food and much more. Around 1pm, we sat front row to watch Jane from GBBO make a Christmas cake – she’s rather nice! My favourite part of the entire day was a) the cupcakes and fudge we bought and b) the choir – oh my god, they were amazing and I felt all festive.

How has your week been? Let me know in the comments below. Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram for York updates.

EL xx