Getting Personalised With M&S

Hello you lovely bunch,

With Autumn being one of the best times of the year (as well as Winter, duh!), there tends to be a lot more candle purchasing than usual. Not only do they look rather cosy along fairy lights but they also smell beautiful as well.


Nine times out of ten, I will have two vanilla tea lights burning on my windowsill as well as something fruity on my bedside table. If you read about the Citrus Fruit & Ginger candle from Tesco, you will know that I’m enjoying the zingy scents at the moment. They give off quite a powerful scent which is always a bonus.


There is something quite special about having a candle with your initial on. Marks and Spencer have some incredible scents but the Grapefruit & Ginger one won by a long shot.


When the label states that the fragrance will enhance any room, it means it. I kept this in the hallway for a couple of hours and when my parents arrived home, they noted that it smelt incredible.

mscandle3 mscandle4

How on earth can a candle be so good looking? I’m so in love with it.

Which is your favourite candle scent?

EL xx