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Exploring York Minster

Happy Saturday!

If you saw my two blog posts about visiting York (day one // day two), then you’ll know that we hid away in York Minster on our second day due to the lousy weather. I had every intention of showing you their Christmas markets today but only managed to get one photo in the rain! Blogger struggles…

York Minster is one of the biggest attractions to do whether the weather is glorious or not particularly pleasant. Admission is Β£10 per person with no time limit and your ticket lasts for an entire year so if your parents or someone you know is visiting, pass your ticket along.

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Beautiful, right? The main aspect which I loved seeing were the glass windows and yes, I did walk around singing Tale As Old As Time to myself…

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We could have easily spent hours upon hours in here, simply walking around or just sitting down for some peace and quiet. The only part which we couldn’t do was climb to the top which I would have loved to do if the weather was a lot nicer.

Overall, York Minster is just as beautiful as you’d expect. Have you been?

EL xx