Lovely Things // Week 49

Hello December

Christmas, my birthday, family time, snow (if we’re lucky), multiple tins of chocolate, all the trimmings, cosy PJs, fluffy socks, hours upon hours of films and of course, #Blogmas.


Golden Hour

One late afternoon this week, I managed to capture the view from my bedroom window before the darkness hit. Gorgeous isn’t it? I popped the picture on my Instagram as well.. Get that cheeky promo.


Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life

Every one and their dog has been excited for the reunion show. I remember binge watching the show whilst I was at University and it’s seriously addictive. I really enjoyed the reunion and those three final words – surely that means we’re getting more of a series? Oh and if you have an Amazon Fire Stick, you’re in luck because it’s on there. Winner!


Date Night

Pub grub + a movie. How classy we are. You all know that I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and when I heard the news about Fantastic Beasts, I was stupidly excited and believe me, it didn’t disappoint. I did get a little teary eyed right at the beginning when the theme tune began but that’s perfectly okay. The film itself was jam packed with magic, an incredible storyline filled with both good and bad magic but the only little thing I’m confused about is Johnny Depp. Wasn’t he cast as Dumbledore? Why is he popping up as Grindelwald then? Hm… Roll on 2018 for the next part.


Cosy Nights

On Thursday evening, the Mr and I had the ultimate cosy night in: cottage pie (which I didn’t make enough of, oops) and we watched Home Alone with a bowl of popcorn with all the candles lit. Oh it was divine.


So as you know from reading my blog, I’m doing Blogmas this year. Every day up until Christmas Eve, you’ll get a new post at 9am UK time. I’m still doing Lovely Things every Sunday and you’ll receive the last one on the 24th. In case you’ve missed any posts, I’ll link them below..

1st – Christmas At The Little Beach Street Bakery
2nd – Manchester Christmas Markets
3rd – Exploring York Minster

What was the highlight of this week for you?

EL xx