My Winter Hair Care Routine

15 days to go…

In Winter, we’re told to look after our skin even more than usual due to the cold weather but what about your hair? Try and wear a cute bobble hat when you go out so your head remains warm, have a little trim before the big day, use a deep conditioning treatment once a week and lay off the heat. Those are just a few tips that I’ve learnt from my hairdresser but also, bloggers are great to go to for random snippets of information.

I wanted to share the products which I always use between mid-November and mid-January..

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My hair adores Aussie and since I started using their products about six years ago, it’s been in wonderful condition and I only see my hairdresser twice a year because of it. I’ve nailed my hair care routine, not gonna lie.

Winter Miracle Shampoo
3 Minute Miracle Shine Deep Treatment (once a week!)
Winter Miracle Conditioner
Miracle Hair Insurance Lightweight Conditioning Spray

Which hair brand do you use constantly use?

EL xx


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