Being Bold With KIKO

Happy Monday!

KIKO are very quickly becoming one of my go-to brands. After my last post about their high pigmented eyeshadow and pencil lip gloss went live, I had already returned to the store in the Trafford Centre to pick up another one of their genius pencil lip glosses. I just love them.

kiko kiko0 kiko1 kiko2

If you haven’t tried their pencil lip glosses, please do because they’re genius and not sticky at all – winner! I picked up the shade 12 Wine Red because a) it’s gorgeous and b) the Trafford Centre lacks in choice for a few of the products which is very annoying but fear not, there’s another store nearby!

This is quite a dark berry shade which is ideal for the festive period and as the days progress towards Christmas, I’m finding myself wearing this more than any other lip product. I just love it.

Have you tried any KIKO products? I need recommendations!

EL xx