Favourite Beauty & Skin Care Products of 2016

Morning all,

I’ve been doing beauty and skincare posts for a year now and I’ve absolutely loved trying out new products and sharing my thoughts with you all. So with that in mind, I wanted to show you the ones I’ve been enjoying the most throughout the past twelve months…

FYI, if you want to see it on the website; click on the name of the product and if you want to see fuller thoughts, simply click on the word ‘review.’ Simple.


Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick // Every girl needs lipstick options. That’s what I tell myself every time I walk into Boots/Superdrug anyway. I picked up this soft ‘Taffeta Bloom’ pink shade back in July as I wanted a softer colour for summer and doing into Autumn. This lasts for HOURS. I do tend to apply Vaseline before hand if I’m wearing it in the colder days. // REVIEW

Rimmel Sculpting Palette //I can’t even tell you how long I wanted this for and when my Boots points mounted up to quite a bit, I decided to treat myself. I’ve been wearing this NON-STOP during Autumn and it’s just perfect. Even without foundation (we all know my skin hates it), it lasts for hours on end so I don’t have to think about any touch ups. // REVIEW.

MakeUp Revolution Bronze, Shimmer & Highlight // I was always a powder and then blusher kind of girl, completely skipping the bronzing aspect. How did I manage to live without it for so long? This is a gem of a product and for £4 from Superdrug, it’s an absolute bargain! // REVIEW

L’Oréal Super Liner Eyeliner Ultra Precision // What a surprise, this makes the favourites post. I included it in last year’s post and I already know it’ll be making an appearance in next year’s. I’ve tried SO many liquid eyeliners but I always go back to this one. It’s my holy grail product. // HOW-TO

Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Powder // When I started wearing more makeup, I wanted a powder which would actually do the job and well, this answer my prayers. It sits so comfortably on the skin and you don’t even know that you’re wearing it. I’m on my second powder and they last for months on end. // REVIEW

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara // £19.50 for a mascara, that doesn’t sound like you Emma. Well, I may have done a cheeky duty-free purchase in Brisbane Airport and it worked out that I only paid £12. I use this mascara on a daily basis and in actual fact, I don’t own any others. That’s how much I adore this product. I have super tiny lashes and Roller Lash does the job to make them a lot better. // REVIEW  

KIKO Pencil Lipgloss // I very rarely touch up my lipstick so when I popped into the KIKO store in the Trafford Centre, I picked up two of their pencil lipglosses (10 Dark Rose and 12 Wine Red) and I haven’t looked back since. They’re genius because a) they last a long time, b) it’s not a sticky lip gloss formula and c) you don’t need a mirror to apply. // REVIEW

MakeUp Revolution Highlighter // You know when a product is well loved when it’s constantly out of stock both in store and on the website. I adore this highlighter, absolutely adore it. I lost the lid somewhere in New Zealand and it’s a tiny bit cracked in the corner but holy Dumbledore, I flipping LOVE it. It gives your cheek bones such a beautiful shine. // REVIEW

KIKO High Pigmented Wet + Dry Eyeshadow // When it goes to eyeshadow, I’m a neutral kind of gal. I like to kind it simple and maybe jazz it up in the crease a little bit but that’s as far as I go. Yet that all changed when I bought a soft rose pink shade from KIKO and it is just gorgeous. It blends like a dream and goes really well with a few shades of my big palette (more on that in a second). This is going to get a lot more use in Spring + Summer! // REVIEW

Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish // Oh how I love these nail polishes. I’ve use pretty much every single brand when it comes to polish and none of them compare to Rimmel’s. Throughout the past twelve months, I’ve been wearing quite a few but I’ve really enjoyed Caramel Cupcake + Rain Rain Go Away. I tend to stick to neutral or dark nails which the odd appearance from a bright one in Summer, but I’ve found myself constantly going back to these two. // CC REVIEW // RRGA REVIEW

Maybelline Colour Elixir // Since coming home from Australia, this is the lip product that I’ve reached for the most. No matter the weather, you can bet that this is in my coat pocket or handbag. The formula is a tiny bit sticky but oh my, the colour is divine. The only downside to this product is that I can’t find it in Boots or Superdrug – NOOOO! // REVIEW

MakeUp Revolution Flawless Palette // Once again, it’s sold out and I’m really not surprised. 32 shades for £8 – hello bargain!  It’s a mix of matte and glitters which I really, really like but I just wish I’d bought the ‘Beyond Flawless’ palette as well as it’s got more neutral shades and we all know that’s right up my street. // REVIEW 


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water // The one thing I really like about Garnier is that if you’re new to their products like I am, you have the option to purchase small bottles to try out on their skin (and if you’re in the right Boots store at the right time, you’ll get one for free if you spend a certain amount of skincare). Since I’ve been using this, I’ve had NO spots. That’s right. None. Not a single one. It’s incredible. // No review, oops!

nspa 5 Minute Magic Mask // When a product says ‘magic,’ it makes you think “surely not?” Oh how wrong I was. I haven’t used a proper peel off face mask since I was a teenager and I’m so very glad that I stumbled across this gem of a product in ASDA. I use it twice a week – Sunday + Wednesday evenings and the next morning, I basically have brand new skin. // REVIEW

Garnier Fresh Eye MakeUp Remover // I only spoke about this in November, so I’ll keep it brief: every female needs this. The end. // REVIEW

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Perfume // So, it’s not exactly skin care but I couldn’t leave this out because I’ve finally found a perfume which I love. I’ve been using Victoria Beckham’s for the past decade and so when I was in Brisbane Airport coming home, I knew it was time for a change. Not only is the packaging beautiful, it smells divine. // REVIEW

A bit of a monster post for you but I didn’t want to leave any products out. I’m sure in 2017, I’ll be trying new ones and keeping you all posted. Which has been your go-to makeup and skin care product this year?

EL xx