The Sunday Post #1

Happy New Year. Goodbye 2016. Hello 2017.


Christmas Eve

No matter how old you are, the day before Christmas is always the most exciting day of the year and for little old ladies like myself, going to bed early is a bonus. I woke up to some lovely book post from Penguin regarding a new release by Ruby Wax which I’m really looking forward to reading so keep an eye out for a review..


Christmas Day

The big event is actually quite a small affair in our household: my parents, myself and my Grandad. Since my Nan passed away six years ago, we prefer it being just the four of us. As per usual, my Mum made an amazing dinner and once the Mr arrived later in the evening, we played Monopoly until the early hours. I received some really lovely presents, but due to my operation date coming up, I won’tΒ be doingΒ a “What I Got For Christmas” post.



On Boxing Day, I turned twenty-six. Ouch. I’m officially in my late twenties. I most definitely do not look or feel my age but this year, I need to get a lot of the big life stuff sorted now that I’ve done the whole travelling malarkey. The day overall was lovely – I saw both of my nephews, opened more presents (yes, I do get double because the days are separate – don’t even try to argue my point), watched the Man United match, spent time with the Mr and had the most delicious buffet in the evening.



For my birthday, the Mr very kindly took me to London on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We made a rough plan of the places we wanted to visit and we really did cover a lot of ground. I don’t want to go into too much detail as I’m going to be doing a couple of posts about each day so keep a look out for those if you’re interested.


New Year’s Eve

Yesterday was quite the lazy day. I woke up at 8:30am, had two bagels, a massive cup of tea and I read more of The Cursed Child (which is brilliant, not surprise there!). I’ve never spent NY at a party, I much prefer being snuggled up watching Harry Potter. This year was a little bit different as I was with the other half. I hope that wherever you are in the world, that you had a happy and safe time last night.

A Little Update

I’m not sure how my blog is going to work out this year. In 2016, I was posting four times a week, working with amazing brands and putting more effort into my Instagram. I absolutely love my blog, but I think that this year, I’ll post less and focus more on my photography and stronger content. You may have noticed that my blog design has changed – I’ve gone for a peachy colour with a simple blog header. I don’t want anything overly snazzy as it’s just not my taste. You like?

In terms of the next month or so, I’m going to be out of action. On Wednesday, I’m having my gallbladder removed and I have zero idea of how that is going to make me feel. SHIT. It’ll probably make me feel utter rubbish. So please bear with me. Content is coming, but I’m not exactly sure when. I have four posts in the pipe line, so keep your eyes peeled.

Thank you for reading my blog in 2016 and I hope you’ll stick around this year for plenty more posts. If there is anything else that you would like to see, please let me know by leaving a comment or tweeting me.

I hope your Christmas & New Year were both wonderful.

EL xx

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