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London // Day One

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For my twenty-sixth birthday in late December, the Mr took me away to London for two nights and three days. We’d been planning our trip to the capital for a couple of months, knowing which places where on our to-see list. With us both being fortune enough to have visited London before, we decided to skip the whole standard tourist malarkey and just see a couple of the sights instead.

On our first evening, we stayed in a Travelodge in Covent Garden – a place which I had never explored before, but was looking forward to seeing. After multiple Google searches, I knew which shops and restaurants where in the area. We popped into a pub around the corner from our hotel, called Philomena’s as the Liverpool match was on (eye roll, but major girlfriend points) and we also managed to grab some food while we were there. My meal wasn’t brilliant, but the atmosphere was enjoyable and with free internet, you can’t really complain.


With our stomachs full and the evening still early, we decided to take a walk to Nelson’s Column, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and The Thames. It was absolutely freezing but seeing as we were in walking distance of the big sights, we opted to do them all at once so we had the following days to tick everything else off.

By 10pm, we were tucked up in bed with a hot chocolate from Café Nero and watching a random film on ITV2. I’ll be nattering away about my other two days in the Big Smoke in the next two weeks, so keep an eye out for those. I’m always posting lots of snaps from our trip over on my Instagram in case you’d like a nosy.

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