Real Techniques // Face, Eyes + Finish

Never ask a woman with winged eyeliner why she’s late..


Since purchasing my first Real Techniques brush in Australia [blog post here], I’ve been meaning to add to my tiny collection. For Christmas, my Mum very kindly bought me the face collection and whilst the Mr and I were in London, he treated me to the eye collection. Most recently, I bought myself two separate ones just to complete the set I need. I’ll be nattering away about the other two sets in later blog posts…

I’ve always had a minimal makeup brush selection, only purchasing what I truly need and what I’ll only ever use and I feel like my little pot is full of brushes I’ll use daily.



If you’ve read my blog for a while, in particular my beauty posts, you’ll know that I don’t wear foundation – I’ve tried multiple ones which brands have kindly sent but my skin just hates the formation of them. With that being said, my skin is in wonderful condition right now [have a nosy at my skincare routine to see how I’ve kept it so good] and I don’t want to mess that up. My day-to-day makeup consists of concealer, powder and contour/bronzer so naturally, I only need three brushes.

Contour brush – delicately applies highlighter to the cheek bone
Pointed foundation brush – builds custom coverage for liquid foundation
Buffing brush – ideal use for powder and/or mineral foundation
Detailer brush – precision cut to conceal problem areas: concealer and/or lipstick

I highly recommend the core collection simply because it has everything that a girl could possibly need. The travel case in which the brushes come in, is very handy (more than you’d think!) and as they’re super soft, they wash and dry quite easily.



Not wanting to toot my own horn, but I’m really happy with my eye makeup at the moment. I’m not a professional (and probably never will be), but I’m impressed with how the finished look. The only brush which I probably don’t use is the brow brush – I’ve never plucked, tweezed or coloured in my eyebrows and I don’t see any reason to, but I guess in time, I’ll finally get round to learning how to do them.

Deluxe crease brush: soft, oversized design for effortless contour
Base shadow brush: apply, a smooth foundation of colour
Accent brush: designed for precision, smudging and highlighting
Fine liner brush: ultimate tool for liquid eyeliner
Brow brush: distinctive shape easily defines eyebrow

Just like the core collection, the eye shadow starter set comes with a travel case so you can easily pack away your brushes for the road and have no issues with squeezing them into your makeup bag. My favourites from the eyeshadow collection are definitely the deluxe crease brush and the base shadow brush – perfect eyes every time.



The one aspect of Real Techniques which I really like is that you can purchase individual brushes. With having the core and eye collection, the only two I needed were the powder brush and the blush brush (below) and through the Boots website, I was able to purchase them as singles rather than in a collection.

Powder brush: ideal for powder and mineral foundations

With my base only consisting of concealer and powder to hide my redness and under eye circles, I wanted a brush which was quite big so I was able to get maximum coverage without caking my face and that is exactly what this brush does. It’s brilliant.



Before I included beauty into my blog, blush and I didn’t have a great relationship. I applied too much, looked like a clown and ended up taking my face off before starting again. Fast forward a couple of years and we get on swimmingly.

Blush brush: tapered to blend like a pro / ideal for cream or powder brush

I’ve used this blush brush quite a few times during this month and I flipping love it. If you apply too much on your brush, tap it off and you’ll have the ideal amount to give you the lovely soft pink cheek glow.

EL xx
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