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The one thing I love about my bedroom is that it always smells lovely.

I’m the kind of girl who will always have a candle lit in the room where I’m spending a few hours because it just has to smell nice. Anyone else like that?

For my birthday, my Mum knew that I wanted a reed diffuser and seeing as I adore the Just Pink scent from Next, she very kindly bought it for me and let me tell you, it smells absolutely gorgeous.


As you can see, this has been going for quite some time as I received it in late December. According to the Next website, the reed diffuser will last up to 9 weeks but keep it away from radiators as heat tends to use more of the fragrance.

The fragrance is fresh and floral with snippets of soft fruits and pink blooms. The top note isΒ green mandarin cassis, the heart of the bottle is muguet jasmine and the bottom is musk patchouli. It is such a wonderful mixture of scents, I just can’t stop turning the natural reeds over (which you’re only meant to do once a week!).

I was kindly sentΒ a Β£10 voucher for the NextΒ Home section (mainly because they massively messed up one of my Christmas orders) and I have purposed a new reed diffuser simply because I adore it so much.

EL xx
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