Back To Basics with H&M

It may the beginning of February, but I’m very much still wearing knitwear.

H&M do some truly wonderful basic pieces and there is one particular item of clothing which I’ve fallen head over heels in love for. Aside from their home section (which they definitely need to bring to Liverpool), I really enjoy the basic section as they have some great staple pieces of clothing.


I think I’ve worn this jumper in every way possible: with blue jeans + UGGs, with black jeans + trainers, with leggings + my slippers. It’s such an easy piece of clothing to wear and the colour is just beautiful.

I purchased it in November/December time (memory like a sieve, I swear) and it just fits brilliantly. I can’t imagine not having this in my wardrobe now. It was around the £14-£19 price range, as I can’t remember (there’s that bad brain again!) and seeing as I can’t locate it on the website, you’ll have to just go with my guess.

I’m determined to find some more staple pieces from H&M for the Spring and Summer, but for now, I’ll just continue to wear this until the weather perks up.

I realise that it’s taken me a month to do a proper fashion post, but for the next couple of Friday’s, I’ll posting quite a few so if you enjoyed this one – pop back!

EL xx
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