Cooking with The Co-op & SORTEDfood

I love to cook.

When the lovely team at The Co-op got in touch about an incredible project with SORTEDfood, I jumped at the chance to be part of the campaign.

You can up your food game with their wonderful, free online cooking course.

With everything from easy mornings to snacks to weekly favourites.

If you’re reading this and you’re vegetarian/gluten free/diary free, fear not as they’ve got all areas covered and the recipes are truly delicious.


A whole team of bloggers were very kindly gifted a huge Co-op box full of goodies (kinda wish they were all different, but that’s just a small side note) and we were all asked to make a quick lunch of vegetable cous-cous.

With a cooking time of thirty-five minutes, you can make this the night before or if you’re working from home, take some time away from your laptop to cook something tasty.

All the ingredients, methods and helpful tips are all on the website. Plus, the brilliant guys at SORTEDfood have done quite a lot of videos to help you along the way.


As someone who can’t eat spices, I opted to leave the peppers and spices out of the mix but instead, I added a crunchy carrot which was delicious (I may drizzle it in honey next time for a sweeter taste).

I’ve never eaten or made cous-cous before so it was a new technique for me and it’s SO easy. Pour a little bit into a cook, pour boiling water on top, cover with cling firm and wait ten minutes. It’s incredibly fluffy and full of texture.

When you’re on the Now Cook It website, you’re able to create an account and each time you make one of their meals, you can tick it off and it’ll tell you which techniques you’ve learnt. Pretty incredible, right?

Despite being twenty-six years old, I really enjoy this website and it’s just as easy to get hold of as if it were a cooking book. If you’re a student living at University, get involved.

#NowCookIt – keep up to date with the hashtags for more blog posts!

Thank you to the lovely team at The Co-op and SORTEDfood for kindly asking me to be involved. I can’t wait to see what we have to rustle up next.

EL xx

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