Jamie’s Italian: The Buyer’s Guide To Olive Oil

Jamie Oliver, what a man.

Since he appeared on TV back in 1999 (holy Dumbledore, I was only 8/9 at the time!), he’s gone from success to success. With his TV shows, his mouth-watering cookbooks and his restaurants popping up all over England (find your nearest HERE), he’s by far one of the best TV chefs in the world.

If you’re in London anytime soon, why not check out his Piccadilly Circus restaurant? Have a nosy at their Facebook page.

He has a reputation of making the country healthier – from banning turkey twizzlers in schools to placing wonky veg in supermarkets (I even spotted it in Australia!).

Cooking with butter may be tasty but it’s also quite bad for you. Using olive oil, on the other hand, are a healthier life choice as they have a different structure.

Jamie’s Italian have released a buyer’s guide to olive oil – so next time you’re in the supermarket, needing to restock, take a moment to think about which one is best for you and your household.


Who would have thought that there would be so much choice when it comes to olive oil? Next time I’m doing the food shop, I’m definitely going to rethink the usual purchase.

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