Having Some Me Time with Help Me Organics

If I asked you what ‘me time’ meant, what would you say?

In my opinion, it’s doing something which makes you content.

When the team at Help Me Organics got in touch at the beginning of the month and asked if I’d like to review one of their candles, I said yes.

I mean, I do have a draw in my bedside table dedicated to candles..


I try to have ‘me time’ once every week.

It’s important to spend time by yourself – whether you’re just wanting an early night after a hectic day or you want to paint your toenails with the new polish you just bought.

Here are five things which I do:

  1. Soft Lighting
    I still live at home with my parents so shutting myself away in my bedroom, switching on my bedside lamp and lighting a few candles is the very first thing I do in an evening. Whether it’s Winter or the middle of Summer, I like to have at least one candle burning purely to relax with (but please don’t fall asleep without blowing it out). More recently, I’ve been having two vanilla candles lit on my window sill and then on my bedside table, I have the help me, it’s past my bedtime candle. The aroma of my room is just dreamy.
  2. Blogger Chats
    When people think of ‘me time,’ it may suggest switching off your phone in order to truly be online but in an evening, the blog chats on Twitter have become part of my evening routine and I thoroughly enjoy taking part.
  3. Pamper
    Whether it’s giving your hair a good wash, giving your makeup brushes that overdue clean, painting your nails or throwing a new Lush product into the bath – whatever works for you, do it. I have been loving the NSPA 5 Minute Magic Mask throughout the past few months and my skin is super soft the following morning.
  4. Reading
    Books are one of my favourite things in life. Always have been, always will be. I’m a proper little bookworm. Picking up my current read and settling down with a few chapters before bed is the ideal way to relax before falling asleep. If you ever need a recommendation, let me know.
  5. Think Of Tomorrow
    If you’re like me and you enjoy being organised, writing a to-do list the day before will help you be SO much more productive. But more on that in an upcoming post..

If you’d like to purchase one of these candles, I have a 10% discount – owlsandstags10 (valid until 15th May 2017)

EL xx
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