The Sunday Post #8

It’s 8:05am on Sunday morning.

I’m in bed with a cup of tea in my big Harry Potter mug.

And for the first time in quite a while, I’m writing a post and pressing publish rather than fitting it into my blog schedule.

I’ve just not had time this weekend to write.



When the Mr and I spoke about V-Day, we both agreed that because we treat each other all year round that we’d only do funny cards this year. So in January when the shops became swarmed with tacky lovey-dovey items, I popped into Paperchase for my funny card.

And this is what I found.

Brilliant, right?

I bought it for three reasons:

1.) It’s pizza – the Mr and I are such foodies so that was a win.

2.) It’s funny – it’s our type of sense of humour.

3.) It moves – if you wiggle the pizza cutter, the glasses move.

Safe to say that the Mr was impressed.

In case you’re wondering (or just plain old nosey like me), he also bought me a funny card which had a lot of meaning behind it but I’m sure I’ll share it on Instagram at some point.

Despite us agreeing to no presents, he turned up with a little box of Lindor (my fave!) and some shortbread (also, my fave). He knows me rather well.

What I’ve Been Reading

Someone emailed me this week and said, “I miss reading about books on your blog.”

Even though it was a lovely email to receive, it’s also a little bit of pressure as I’ve been in a reading slump recently. Every book that I’ve picked up, I’ve read a few chapters and instantly put it down. It’s nothing to do with the plot, writing style or author – it’s just that my brain hasn’t allowed me to read for a while.

Until this week.

I was kindly sent a copy of Paper Hearts and Summer Kisses by Carole Matthews (review coming 15th March for those who like reading my reviews!), and I was completely absorbed by it. I won’t go into great detail but: I BLOODY LOVED IT.


Blog Progression

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again…

I love my blog right now.

I love the content I’m writing, the photo’s I’m taking, the brands I’m working with, the stats which improve day by day and most of all, the layout.

If you’ve been with me for a while, my layout has been all over the place but as of right now, I just adore it.

I’m so excited for you all to see the upcoming content.

Treating Yourself

My bank balance isn’t the best, I’m not gonna lie.

Last Sunday, the Mr and I jumped in the car and went to Manchester for a few hours to do a bit of retail therapy. We got there around 1pm and honestly, I regret not going earlier (totally his fault!) because there was NOTHING in Primark and I seriously need more workout gear so that needs to be done asap.

I did, however, use my £20 New Look voucher from my best friend. I bought some gorgeous black ankle boots (just call me Wednesday Addams) but I’ll show you those in a fashion post soon.

On Friday when I was out with my Dad seeing his new work place, we went to Speke Retail Park (somewhere I’ve never been before but close to Liverpool) and it has ALL the best shops – New Look, Next, H&M, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, Miss Selfridge etc.

I quickly had a look in H&M for some new leggings (fail!) and I spotted a really lovely pink blouse – my Mum said: “it’s mink, not pink,” so with some of my Christmas money, I decided to treat myself and I flipping love it. Much like the shoes, I’ll show you my blouse in an upcoming fashion post.


Lighter Evenings

This is a given really because it was bound to happen but…

It’s light at 5pm.

I noticed it on Thursday evening so I hung out of the landing window to take this because, well, as a blogger, it’s a flipping good thing.

I’m looking forward to Summer this year.

Before I go…

I just wanted to acknowledge today.

Today is my Nan and Grandad’s birthday (my Mum’s parents).

My Grandad is 80 and he’s still going (kind of) strong. He’s weak on his feet, but he still eats like someone is about to snatch his plate away. We’re having the family round later on this afternoon for a little buffet – nothing fancy on his request.

It’s also my Nan’s birthday and she’s no longer here. It’s pretty tough to have grandparents who were born on the same day (a few years apart) because ever since she passed away, it’s been a struggle.

I just wanted to include that in today’s post because as sad as it is that my Nan isn’t here, today is also a milestone for my Grandad.

EL xx
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    1. Your best bet for a legit HP mug is either: The Studio Tour, the shop in Kings Cross or Harry Potter World in Orlando.

      My Grandad enjoyed his birthday – thank you very much xx


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