The Sunday Post #9

I’ve had all week to write this post.

But here I am, watching the football, frantically writing and trying not to miss a post because we all know that Little Miss Organised over here would freak.

This week has been a real mixture of good and bad.

I’m not ready to acknowledge what the bad is. It’s crap, guys.

It’s just crap and right now, I don’t even want to think about it because I’m not ready to accept what may happen this year.

Not a lot has happened this week so here’s a few highlights from this weekend…


The Georgian Quarter, Liverpool

I haven’t even had time to edit these photos.

Yesterday, the Mr and I had a lazy morning in bed complete with Saturday Morning Kitchen, a big cup of tea and a sausage sandwich. It was delicious and that is exactly what I needed after this week.

In the afternoon, we popped into Liverpool as he’s in the market for a suit.

After all these years, I’m finally attending Ladies Day.

Once we’d looked at a few suits, we popped into Cuthbert’s Bakehouse for a spot of late lunch (the red velvet cake was amazing!) and shortly after, we took a stroll to a new part of Liverpool which I’ve never seen before.

The Georgian Quarter is gorgeous.

There’s no set street of where it is – it’s multiple roads within the area where all the beautiful houses are.

It’s like a slice of Kensington in Liverpool.


A new makeup purchase

I am now a big fan of Sleek.

I purchased my first product from their counter only a couple of weeks ago (review coming on that pretty soon…) and when I was in Boots yesterday, I finally saw that their solstice highlighting palette was finally in stock.

Guys, I’ve wanted this for SO long.

It’s been in my makeup wish list for a good few months and the Mr treated me to it.

He’s an absolute babe.

I’m wearing it today for the first time and HOLY DUMBLEDORE, it’s beautiful.

Yup, you guessed it – there will be a review coming soon.


Sunday Breakfast

I would usually blog about this in next week’s post but seeing as I’m behind, here you go.

This morning, the Mr and I decided to go out for breakfast at a local café.

It’s SO cute. Lacking in heating, but the tea is strong and the food is heavenly.

I opted for a cup of tea (obviously) and the pancakes with crispy bacon and maple syrup.

Safe to say, I’ve barely eaten since this morning.

In other news…

If you recall from last week’s post, I had an interview this week and in my opinion, I thought it went really well but who knows? I’m due to hear something this week so… My interview happened to fall on Thursday which was when Storm Doris appeared and the whole country went into complete melt down. I was stuck at Manchester Piccadilly for 3 and a half hours because all the trains to Liverpool were cancelled so I had to wait for a Southport train in order to get closer to home. SIGH. I got home. Obviously.

My skin doesn’t like me. Well, my chin, neck and both hands don’t like me. I’ve somehow got eczema on my face and a heat rash on my hands. God knows how that’s happened. But it’s been here for a week and I think I’ve finally found creams which are doing the job. Thankfully I managed to speak to someone at the walk-in centre about the situation because my local doctors are pathetic and I can only get an appointment in mid-March. SIGH. Hopefully I’ll be able to have a no makeup week this week and it’ll clear up.

Social media. I’ve barely touched it this weekend. I posted on Instagram this afternoon and I’ve kept my Insta Stories updated but that’s about it. You know what? It’s been nice not to be on Twitter all day, randomly reading tweets. I’ve kind of stepped away from social media and it’s been flipping lovely.

EL xx
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