Products I’m Loving Right Now

My makeup collection is SO good right now.

I flipping love drugstore products – great brands, great value for money and you earn points with every pound you spend (and oh boy, I spend a lot of those!).

I wanted to show you a selection of products which I’ve been enjoying throughout the past few weeks – some are new purchases and some remain favourites from a while back.


Not gonna lie, I did have to stand on a stool to get this shot.

Small people problems and all that.

I’m still working on my flatlays so bear with me.

I’m going to start with Real Techniques brushes because in January, I wrote quite a lengthy blog post about the base, eyes and finish collections and my stats were INSANE. Overall, I think it reached over 4,000 views – thatΒ may have something to do with one of the creators retweeting my post (no big deal!). But since throwing out of my old W7 brushes (they were rather amazing, not gonna lie) and replacing them withΒ Real Techniques, I feel like these are most definitely worth a mention and in total, there are four that I’ve been absolutely loving – the contour brush, the blush brush, the powder brush and the eyeshadow brush. I really want them to release a highlighting brush!

When it comes to eyeshadow, I always stuck to my trusty MAC ‘Era’ because it was just utterly perfect and they last for years. Don’t get me wrong, I still use it quite regularly but since I invested in the MakeUp Revolution ‘Flawless’ palette and the Sleek ‘A New Day’ palette (review coming very soon!), I’ve actually learnt how to properly blend and well, the results seem to rather pretty. Naturally, I adore these two palettes and in my opinion, they’re the best on the high street.

In terms of contour, blush and highlight; there are four products which I’ve been reaching for non-stop recently: Rimmel Sculpting Palette (ohmygod, that contour!), Collection Cosmetics Bronze Mosaic Glow, Max Factor ‘Lovely Pink’ CrΓ¨me Puff Blush (which teams brilliantly with the mosaic glow) and finally, the Mr very kindly treated me to the Sleek Solstice highlighting palette (review coming very soon!). I’m just really loving the glow look right now.

When it comes to finishing off my makeup, I’m good at applying lipstick but when it comes to topping up, I’m SO bad (tips, please!), but despite that, I treated myself with my Boots points. The Rimmel exaggerating lip liner in ‘Eastend snob’ and the moisture lipstick in ‘latino’ are extremely gorgeous together. Can’t wait to wear these in Spring! Again, reviews are coming very soon!

And finally, nail polish. We all know where I’m going with this… Rimmel. We all know that they’re my go-to when it comes to nail polish and recently, I’ve been reaching for Rain, Rain, Go Away quite a lot because it’s the most beautiful purple/grey colour.

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