Pulling An Outfit Together with Primark


Primark in Liverpool is manic.

No matter what time of the day you go – the second it opens or half an hour before it shuts, it’s always full of people with their elbows out going bat shit cray over something. I’ll be honest: it’s quite off putting to even step foot in there.

When I spotted that Selfridges in the Trafford Centre had added a little Primark section, I couldn’t resist a look. It was quiet (despite going in mid-December on a weekend) and within seconds of being in the section, I fell completely in love with this cardigan.


When I was in college, cardigans were my life.

They’re so easy to throw on over a simply t-shirt or vest top and you’re good to go.

This cardigan is quite different to the ones I’ve previously owned as it’s quite long (just past my knees in fact) and it’s blue.

Yup, I have only ever owned short black cardigans. Channelling my inner Wednesday Addams and all that.


With the front of the cardigan folding over slightly, it’s perfect for day-to-day use and once the weather gets warmer (we can all live in hope), this will definitely be my go-to piece of clothing just to throw on before heading out for the day.

I feel like you could wear this cardigan with pretty much anything – leggings, jeans, long skirts, shorts, dresses.. It’s the ideal piece to completely pull an outfit together.

On days when I don’t feel particularly great about my body, I find that even if I’m working on my blog or reading during a Sunday afternoon, this is what I’ll be wearing. I most definitely do not have the best body – I’ve got a bit of a tummy due to having gallstones and post-surgery left me feeling like utter poop. I’m a closest comfort eater. But then again, on the days where I feel good about how I look, such as I like the way I’ve done my makeup or I’m having a good hair day, this cardigan will be the icing on the cake. It’s a comforting piece of fashion which makes me feel better.

That went a little deep for a fashion post..

EL xx
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