The Sunday Post #10

Spring is here.


Sort of.

Not really.

We have to wait until Monday 20th before it’s official, but still…

This week has been rather quiet, but quite a few nice things happened.


Blogger Mail

Is there anything better than receiving lovely blog mail?

On Monday morning, I heard post being dropped into the porch and I immediately thought that it was my Mum ordering yet another magazine about gardening, but no.

It was only Paige Toon’s new book.


I was rather excited, I’m not gonna lie.

Can’t wait to read this.


Date Night

On Wednesday evening, the Mr and I had date night.

It feels like we’ve barely seen each other lately so this week, we took time away from our lives, ignored our phones (I need to get round to writing a blog post about no phones on date night!) and we had a lovely time.

We went to our favourite restaurant – Prezzo (of course) and then we went bowling for the first time in ages. We both got a strike and we both won a game each.

The evening was finished off with a McFluffy.

We know how to live.



In other news…

So many of you sent me amazing tweets and emails regarding last week’s post. It’s not the easiest time right now, but I’m plodding on and trying my best to put on a brave face. Thank you very much for your kind words ❤

I booked my theory test. Yup, I’m 26 and still can’t drive. It’s my one big to-do thing this year and I’m really pushing myself to get it done now rather than relying on my parents and boyfriend to drive places.

We’re going to Leeds + York. In January, I won a night’s stay with breakfast and afternoon tea at The Grand Hotel in York for two people and we knew that we wanted to make it into a road trip so we popped Leeds on our list as well. I can’t wait. We’re only going in May but it’s going to be really enjoyable and hopefully, I’ll get lots of pictures for plenty of blog posts and Instagram.

Can I ask a favour?

The Blogosphere Blog Awards were announced earlier this week and there is a best book blogger nomination!!! The awards work differently to any other because the number of votes actually don’t matter – it’s all about online presence, photography etc. But still, I would love it if you’d kindly put my name forward. You can vote HERE for your faves!

EL xx
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2 thoughts on “The Sunday Post #10

  1. I thought I hadn’t seen that book before and that is why, because it is new! Is it a stand alone? I used to be really into Paige Toon books but I am really behind in them, I think I will make a list of all the ones I need to read!
    Amy at Amy & More


    1. It’s not out until May, I was kindly sent an early proof copy. Yes, it is a stand-alone :). Her books are brilliant, she’s one of my favourite authors! X


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