The Sunday Post #11

Good morning.

I’m really enjoying writing blog posts right now.

There’s something quite therapeutic about typing out my thoughts + opinions into a blank white page and the end result, well, my stats are constantly on the up so I guess you’re all enjoying my content right now.

This week has been rather lovely.



Last Weekend

I’m starting to live for the weekends.

The Mr and I try to do make those two days as enjoyable as possible.

On Saturday, we had a lazy morning in bed which lingered into the late afternoon purely because I was watching the Manchester United match (which was stressful, I won’t lie).

Going for walks and clearing our heads is something we love to do. Formby Forest is one of our favourite spots to go for a walk and despite the heavy downpour, we actually managed to get a decent hour in the fresh air.

In the evening, we sat in a good warm pub while the Mr watched the Liverpool match and I read a good chunk of my latest read The Last Piece of my Heart by Paige Toon. I finished the book yesterday and it was just beautiful – review coming at the beginning of April.

On Sunday, we got on the road pretty quickly and spent a good five hours in the Trafford Centre where I treated the Mr to his very first GBK.

It was seriously good and I can’t believe he’s never had one before.

I didn’t come out of there empty handed, so there will be a little haul soon…


Glorious Weather

This week, the weather has been seriously lovely.

Some days have been a bit overcast but majority of them, the sun has been shining and we can actually start to appreciate the blue skies.

I may have been working all week but on Wednesday when I picked my oldest nephew up from preschool, it was such glorious weather and by the time the Mr and I went out for date night around 6pm, it was still light outside.

Lighter mornings + evening = better blog photography.


Blogger Mail

Every day I’m grateful that I’m able to work with such amazing companies.

This week, I received some Max Factor goodies, a large bouquet of beautiful flowers and two books. Seriously, I’m very lucky.

Keep your eyes open for upcoming blog posts in the next few weeks.

EL xx
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