Rimmel // Exaggerate Lip Liner + Moisture Renew Lipstick

Rimmel are one of my favourite brands.

From their wake me up concealer, to their nail polishes to their lipsticks, their counter is the one I always head to first when I’m in Boots.

Last month, I treated myself to a few new beauty bits with my Boots points and seeing as I’ve had a few weeks to try them out, I thought today was perfect to share with you all..

P.S I actually really like how my photography turned out for these pictures!

Let’s start with the exaggerate lip liner..


Fun fact: I don’t wear lip liners.

When I came across the exaggerate lip liner on the Rimmel counter, I couldn’t help myself as Eastend Snob is the most perfect shade. I’m not too fond of the name but that’s a small factor to the fact that I think I’ve found my favourite pink lip liner.

I don’t plan on over exaggerating my lips, I mean, I’m not Kylie Jenner but for people who do have small lips and want to make them look fuller, this is ideal.

I absolutely love wearing this on a day to day basis – lining my lips before filling them in with the lipstick, but top tip: apply Vaseline to your lips before hand because this liner tends to show all your lip cracks.

Now for the moisture renew lipstick..


Lipsticks are my weakest.

I love having a selection for any occasion, any season and any time of day.

Nine times out of ten, they end up in the bottom of my handbag for days on end.

I already knew that Rimmel’s Moisture Renew Lipsticks were brilliant after I purchased one in July (read that post HERE) and ever since, I’ve been meaning to go back to the counter to pick up another shade.

Latino is a beautiful, vivid colour with a little bit of glisten which is ideal to wear on a day to day basis for that little pop of spring on your lips.

With vitamin A, C and E enriched in the formula, this is such a brilliant lipstick for when your lips are feeling a little dry. Not only does the product give you a gorgeous colour, but it’s also good for your lips.

EDIT: The lip liner goes amazing with Collection’s Taffeta Bloom matte lipstick!

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