Spruce up your garden this Spring with Fishpools

Spring is around the corner.

I can already feel it in the air.

The mornings + evenings are lighter, the daffodils are popping up everywhere and we can finally get to work on the garden.

Over the Winter, the garden has been neglected simply because it’s too cold to do anything and due to the frost (thankfully we didn’t get any snow), no flowers were able to bloom.

I’ve got a few simple steps on how you can spruce up your garden this Spring…


1. Plant Flowers

This sounds like the most obvious one (and it is), but when in doubt, spruce up with some flowers – daffodils, tulips, magnolia, grape hyacinth. If you’re unsure of what to plant in which season, ask a member of staff at your local garden centre. Plus, once they’re in bloom, they make beautiful Instagram pictures!


2. Garden Furniture

The one thing which I enjoy the most about the warmer weather is that you can sit in the garden, with a glass of something cool whilst reading a book. Fishpools have some amazing pieces of garden furniture available – sofa sets, dining sets and day beds.

3. Feed Your Lawn

Brown, dry grass isn’t attractive. My memory with Summer links back to the sound of lawn mowers, especially early on a weekend morning, but as well as keeping the grass short, feeding it with lawn feed is just as important. You can buy them shops such as Wilkinsons, ASDA and B&Q.

4. Lanterns

On nights when you want to sit in the garden with your family/friends, switching on a few lanterns gives the area such a cosy atmosphere. Homebase do some relatively cheap and Pinterest worthy ones – seriously lovely!

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*This blog post is paid for advertisement by Fishpools, but all work is my own.