The Sunday Post // Week 14

It’s 9pm on a Saturday evening as I write this.

I’m in bed, with a cup of decaf tea on my bedside table with Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them plays on my TV in the background.

This week has been utterly shit.

I can’t even sugar coat it.

Actually, I refuse to sugar coat it and despite my Sunday posts being about the best things that happened this week, well, nothing is ever plain sailing.

It all kicked off last Sunday evening, in the middle of the #BlogosphereChat when we received some horrific family news. We’ve known about it for quite a few months, hoping that with the right treatment, it’ll go away but it didn’t and now, there’s nothing any of us can do other than wait.

I’m dreading that day.

Alongside that, my knee has been swollen all week. I touched briefly on it in last week’s post about how I knelt down, it swelled up and I hadn’t a clue what to do about it.

On Monday morning, I dragged myself and my swollen knee to the walk-in centre aka. the biggest waste of time. I was referred to my doctor for an emergency appointment an hour later and after a quick chat/look at my knee, I was given tablets to help with the swelling and asked to come back on Tuesday morning for blood tests.

I got the results on Wednesday morning.

I have arthritis in my right knee.

ARTHRITIS!! I’m 26 not 76.

The swelling is going down, I’m walking a lot easier on my foot and hopefully, it’ll be back to normal by Friday because I’m attending Ladies Day at Aintree.

Okay, enough of the bad and onto the good…


What I’ve Been Reading

On Thursday, I took an afternoon away from my laptop and started to read The Queen of Wishful Thinking by Milly Johnson. I haven’t read a great deal of it, but so far so good. It’s out in paperback on the 4th May if you’re interested.

Speaking of books, I finally put together a HUGE list of recommendationsΒ and on Wednesday, the post had 1,257 views. Holy Dumbledore. My blog was having a hissy fit from so much traffic. Thank you very much to all the authors who kindly tweeted about it and to fellow readers, enjoy the books you’ve picked!

What I’ve Been Watching

This week, I’ve finally caught up on Stan Lee’s Lucky Man (an amazing crime series on Sky1) and it’s just as good as the first series. James Nesbitt, oh he is rather brilliant. I’ve got this week’s episode to catch up on but that can wait for another day.

Hollyoaks. Hollyoaks. Hollyoaks. Oh it’s all gone wrong this week. Ste “murdered” Amy and Kieron Richardson (who plays Ste) accidentally let a big spoiler slip while on This Morning. Did Ste really kill the mother of his children? Somehow, I’m just not buying it.

On Tuesday evening, I joined the nation and had a massive cry while watching Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum & Dad. I’ve been a big fan of Rio since he first signed for Man United, always backed him as my favourite defender and now, he has won more respect than any other man in Britain right now. If you have yet to watch it, stick in on BBC iPlayer, ignore your phone and have a good ol’ cry.

MASTERCHEF IS BACK! Yes to all the cooking shows lately. I haven’t properly watched it since 2015 because last year, I was still in Australia but now, I’m fully investing my Wednesday, Thursday + Friday evenings into it.

Bit of a long one this week – sorry!

EL xx
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