Stripes with Red Herring

I own enough striped tops.

Said no blogger ever.


My wardrobe is filled with striped dresses, striped tops, striped jumpers, striped t-shirts and even some are my underwear are striped. It’s a total blogger cliché, but do we care?

The answer to that is no.

Red Herring in Debenhams are one of my all time favourite clothing brands.

I’ve been wearing a handful of their items for quite a few years now and I’ve found no fault with any of the clothes; the fabric is incredibly soft, they’re great value for money and I’m never disappointed by their selection.

So naturally, when I was browsing their section a few weeks ago, I spotted this navy and white striped print top for £12.

Didn’t realise I was going bargain hunting!


This is a perfect piece of clothing for Spring as it’s quite a light jumper (make sure you wear a vest top underneath as nobody wants to be flashing their bra, unless you do, then that’s cool…)

It’s very easy to style with either jeans (blue/black) or leggings.

No doubt I’ll be wearing this a lot during the next few months.

*The necklace above in case you’re wondering is my New Zealand kiwi bird necklace which I picked up in Auckland Airport last March.

** Since writing this post, I’ve chopped my hair off! No more blonde! 

EL xx 
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