The Sunday Post #15


Oh what a week it’s been and I mean that in a good way.

Firstly, thank you very much for all the lovely, supportive messages after last week’s Sunday post. Once it went live + I tweeted the link out, my DM’s and emails went crazy. You’re a lovely bunch.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a challenging time but my knee has gone down A LOT since I injured it so that’s something, right?

Onto this week…



Get in loser, we’re going shopping!

Name that film.

Last Sunday, I spent the afternoon with my folks which is quite a rare thing as Mike and I tend to spend the weekends together but as he was out with friends, I decided to head to our local retail park for a bit of clothes shopping.

I didn’t expect to find anything.

I came out with two tops from Next (one which I’m not 100% sure on and the one above is my new favourite wardrobe item, review coming on Friday 28th), a new Next Just Pink room fragrance, new bulbs for my bedside table, a new dress with matching shoes (all for Ladies Day but more on that in a min), new trainers and £36 worth of “essentials” from Boots including the new Rimmel Volume Shake mascara (review coming in May!).

My bank balance hurts.


Blogger Post

Flipping heck, I’ve been lucky this week.

The Co-op kindly sent one of their #GoodEgg Easter parcels filled with 20 hollow chocolate eggs (yum!), Got2B sent two of their new hair products which I tried out at Ladies Day on Friday and not only that, but I received three wonderfully exciting books: The One That Got Away by Annabel Kantaria, This Love by Dani Aktins and We All Begin As Strangers as Harriet Cummings.

As expected, I’ll be reviewing everything soon (apart from the Co-op as I’ll be tweeting about that as part of the campaign!).


Ladies Day

On Friday, the Mr and I scrubbed up for a day at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool. We met up with a group of his friends for an afternoon of drinks, bets (I only placed one and then lost) and a little bit of sunshine.

We had a lovely day followed by delicious Italian food at Olive in Liverpool before a few drinks. Safe to say, it was way past my bedtime when we headed for the last train home + my hangover wasn’t all that bad yesterday.


New Hair

This was supposed to go in last week’s post but I forgot.

SO, if you’ve read my blog for a while or seen any of my social media photos, you’ll know that my hair was down to my bum and it was ombre (not gonna lie, the blonde was growing out).

I went for the chop.

My hair wasn’t unhealthy, it’s in great condition and honestly, I just fancied a change.

What do you think?

I love it.

EL xx
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