Making Memories with Cheerz

How many of us have a lot of photos on our phones, and don’t do anything with them?


I have multiple albums in my phone, I look at them every now and then but all they ever do is sit there and sometimes get posted on Instagram.

That’s where Cheerz come into play.

Cheerz are an online instant photo printing who kindly got in touch when I mentioned that I really wanted to remember my travels and so with their help, I’ve got the most beautiful memories of Australia and New Zealand.


When it came to choosing the type of print which I wanted, I knew exactly what I was after as I have quite a fair bit of space above my makeup area in my middle wardrobe.

So what did I choose?

I decided to go for a polaroid style of print (8 x 10 cm)Β simply because a) they look amazing b) you can write underneath them and c) for Β£21 you’re able to choose 100 of your favourite pictures. Despite taking over 800 photos in both Australia and New Zealand, I actually really struggled to choose so many!



When my parcel arrived (it took about 6 days including the weekend), I was really surprised by the quality of the prints as they are unbelievably shiny and I just know that they’re going to last a very long time.

Seriously impressed.

If you’d like to get your hands on some prints, feel free to use my code…


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