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One word which has caused a lot of irritation for majority of bloggers. Ever since they changed the chronological order, our interaction has dropped and I plan to change that.

This post is no stranger to my blog, I did my first post about my favourite Instagram accounts in October and then in January, I shared my favourite book Instagram accounts and so many of you enjoyed that post and since then, I’ve had requests to do another.

So here I am, sharing more of my favourite feeds with you because we all need to share the blogger love from time to time.

Before I start, please share your Instagram links below – I’m at owlsandstags



– I followed Ashton within the last few days and I’m already in love with her account. Her feed is mainly based upon her travels with the odd selfie, food shot and flatlay thrown in – what can’t this girl do? Her photos are just stunning.


– I’ve known Charlotte for quite a few years now and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her as well. Her Instagram feed is by far, one of my favourites because she doesn’t stick to a theme – she posts what she wants, when she wants and I admire her for that.


– I only began following her account a few months ago and since then, I’ve become obsessed with her photography. I even nominated her for best beauty blogger in the Blogosphere Awards because her shots of beauty products are unbelievable. Plus, she’s an absolute BABE of a human.


– Fun fact, Katy was the first person I followed on Instagram. Her photos are absolutely stunning – her shots of London, her bed shots (that sounds rude, I swear it’s not) and each time she goes on a trip, she shares the most wonderful photos of the hidden spots she’s found that day.


– I couldn’t write this post without including my number one favourite blogger. Maria nails photography down to a T and despite loving all of her shots, her one of beauty products are my particular favourite. She knows how to do a flatlay so brilliantly – I need to be taught her ways!


– What can I say? Rhianna never posts a bad photo; from her impressive flatlays to her sassy OOTD shots to sharing events with her followers, she’s the perfect example of how you can grow your Instagram within a matter of months.


– I found Abbi’s blog a few months ago and it’s safe to say that we’ve become good friends since. Her photos of Brighton are my particular favourites (I’m so desperate to visit!) and I love that she posts a mixture of life, fashion and beauty.

Who are your favourites to follow on Instagram?

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