The Sunday Post #16

Happy Easter!

I’m currently getting ready before making my way to the Liverpool Food, Drink & Lifestyle Festival over in Sefton Park with the other half. We attended last year and really enjoyed so we decided to go again as there are multiple new stalls to check out.

How has your week been?

I feel like I tell you all about my week, but I never ask about yours so let me know.


Sunday Mornings

My favourite day of the week happens to be Sunday.

There’s something quite calming about the day, but it’s also a chance for us to get our shizzle together in preparation for another week.

Last week, while the Mr slept off his hangover, I treated myself to breakfast in bed.

Two warm croissants, a handful of chopped strawberries and a mug of tea.

I should have taken time out to read, but in all honesty, I didn’t. I just sat in bed, staring aimlessly into space while thinking about absolutely nothing.

It was bliss.


Delamere Forest

One of my favourite things to do with the Mr is take long walks in beautiful places and our favourite happens to be Delamere Forest.

After stopping off to lunch in a local pub, we walked for a good two and a half hours before realising that a) it was no longer sunny and b) I needed an ice cream.

I may have eaten it before a big Sunday roast, but lets ignore that, shall we?


Capturing Your Memories

Earlier this week, my polaroid’s from Cheerz came through the post just in time for our collaboration and I can’t tell you how impressed I am with them.

They’re unbelievably shiny.

I just need to find somewhere to put them all now.

Not in a photo album though, somewhere that I can always see them.



In other news…

I went back to the doctors on Tuesday morning to discuss my knee; the swelling has 90% gone down but it’s not back to normal yet and I’m still taking tablets to help. They’ve been making me feel quite queasy which isn’t pleasant (as you can imagine), but I’m due to go back once they’ve ran out to see if I can get further treatment.

I finally went to see Beauty and the Beast. AT LONG LAST. I went on Tuesday evening with one of my sisters and I flipping well loved it. Emma Watson was the perfect Belle, the new songs were a great addition and I managed to jump when Gaston shot the Beast at the end. Ha! Although, the only little thing I picked up on was that Chip didn’t sneak out of the castle with Belle at the end to rescue her Father…

I jumped on the 13 Reasons Why bandwagon earlier this week and I finished watching it on Friday. As much as I enjoyed it, I kinda wish I’d read the book first because as heart breaking as the TV series was, I feel like I would have had more of an emotional impact if I saw the words on the page. That’s just how my brain + emotions work. The final three/two episodes were hard to watch; in particular the jaccuzi and bath tub scene. If you want a series that is going to make you think twice about how you treat someone, this is the show for you.

Guess what I’ve booked? A personal trainer. Well, sort of. I’m starting new circuit classes in my local area, it’s only Β£4 for a group session and I’ll be getting help with my knee while I’m there. I start next Monday so no doubt, I’ll keep you posted.

I hope you’re all enjoying your Easter break – eat lots of chocolate!

EL xx
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