The Cosiest Pyjamas

Christmas seems like so long ago.

Crazy to think that in just over a week, it’ll be May.

2017, chill out + stop going so fast.

I’ve been meaning to write this blog post since the beginning of the year, but other ideas have popped into my head and been typed up a lot quicker than this one.

Pyjamas are a bloggers best friend so I wanted to share my favourite pair with you…



These Marks & Spencer’s sausage dog pyjamas are the comfiest thing.


They were a Christmas present and since then, they’re the pair that I reach for more than any because they’re unbelievably soft and seeing as I love sausage dogs, they’re a perfect match for me.

Seriously cute.

Fun fact: I’m really picky when it comes to PJs – I can’t wear strappy tops to bed, it either has to be an over sized t-shirt or a full long/short set. Nothing in between.

EL xx
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