Completing a Room with Daisy Maison

Stags are one of my favourite animals.

My blog name kinda gives that away.

I’ve wanted a piece of artwork in my bedroom for quite some time, but I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted so when I spotted a Daisy Maison stall at a home show in Manchester towards the end of last year, I knew I’d found the perfect piece.


Daisy Maison are a brand, created by two successful sisters, Julie and Shelley who love to create unique pieces of artwork.

I never thought about going for a 3D piece, it hadn’t even crossed my mind that it would work with the theme of my bedroom but oh boy, I was wrong.

Spoiler: it goes perfectly!


Gorgeous isn’t it?

At first, I wasn’t a fan of the black frame seeing as my room has the colours of cream, chocolate and for furniture, it’s quite a light wood but it compliments the wall all on its all and I absolutely love it.

The one I purchased at the home show was discounted for around £20-£25 and on the website, they’re around the £45 price tag. My particular rose gold one isn’t available but if you’re a fan of stags like myself, there are plenty on the website to choose from!


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