Achieving Perfect Hair with Got2B

I spend my life with straight hair.

Never curly, unless it’s been in braids and lets face it, it’s more like a lion’s mane.

At the beginning of April, I attended Ladies Day at Aintree (day two of the Grand National) and the one thing that always bugs me is my hair. Seeing as we were out from 10am until gone midnight, I wanted my hair to stay straight, sleek and with volume.

That’s where Schwarzkopf Got2B come into play as they sent me two new products…



I started with the Volumaniac Root Lifting Spray in the morning once I’ve washed my hair. The product clearly states to aim towards your roots as seeing as I was wearing a fascinator, I didn’t want particularly massive hair so I sprayed a small amount before adding in their Guardian Angel Heat Protection Spray (which FYI is amazing!) and blow-drying and straightening.


I’m quite lucky in the respect that my hair is naturally shiny, I’ve never had an issue with needing to make it look good but still, I have hair with doesn’t always do as its told so when I spotted the Instashine Hairspray, I knew that it’d help on a slightly windy day.

Once I straightened my hair (about 6 times) and placed my fascinator where I wanted it to go, all I needed to do was spray my hair. On the bottle, it says that it gives a glittery finish which it does, but don’t worry – you won’t resemble a unicorn unless that’s the look you’re going for…

I’m seriously impressed with Got2B hair products, especially these two new ones (which you can pick up from Superdrug now) as not only are they look lasting but the hairspray is easy to brush out and doesn’t leave your hair feeling glued together; both get a massive thumbs up from me and I can’t wait to use them again, knowing they’ll do a great job.

EL xx
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