The Sunday Post #18

I’m not really sure how to begin this post.

I feel numb, angry, heart broken and emotionally drained all rolled into one.


I was having a good week, but as it’s got closer to the weekend, it’s sorta gone tits up if I’m being completely honest.

I’m not ready to properly talk about it.



Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside…

If you catch Formby Beach on a beautiful sunny day, count yourself lucky.

I went last Sunday for a bit of a beach stroll; some families were playing with kites while others were playing football, there are plenty of dogs (I spotted two sausage dogs!) and the car park was completely jam packed.

I’m really happy with how these shots came out.


New Drugstore Pieces

I love trying out new makeup – ones from familiar brands and ones from brands which I’ve heard about through the blogging community.

On Wednesday evening, I was in the Trafford Centre and the Superdrug there is incredible. They have all the high street brands you could possibly ask for and more!

I had a good nosy at almost every counter (kinda overwhelming!) and picked up three little pieces to try out and review on my blog.

I recently spoke about my favourite liquid eyeliner from L’Oréal – can I find it anywhere in Boots, Superdrug or any supermarket? The answer to that would be NO. Instead, I picked up the waterproof version – same formula, just waterproof.

I also got two pieces from MakeUp Revolution who I talk about quite often on my blog simply because a) their products are amazing b) they apply easily and c) they’re extremely affordable. I repurchased the Peach Lights highlighter because on the way to Australia, mine completely smashed and despite clinging onto it, I knew it was time to pick up a fresh one. The other item I picked up is their Iconic Pro Blush, Bronze and Brighten. I’ve been wearing this trio ever since buying it and….

You’ll have to wait until my reviews.


Pretty Little Liars

How could I forget to chat about this in last week’s post?

Okay, so PLL is back for the final 10 episodes and before I begin, let me just say: calm down, there will be no spoilers (not much to ruin anyway!).

Season 7B kicked off with “Playtime” – Spencer, Toby and Yvonne are all in the hospital, both Mary Drake and Jenna are on the run and the liars think A.D is dead (aka. Noel having his head chopped off in the previous episode). Well, the game isn’t over and we all knew that. This episode was basically Jumanji – a board game asking the girls to play truth or dare and if they succeed, they receive a prize plus a piece of a jigsaw. It’s going to lead them to A.D, that’s pretty obvious. I thought this episode would be really jam packed but it wasn’t – it was confirmed that Mary is Spencer’s real mother (not a spoiler as it was revealed in the previous episode) and I just think it all fell a bit flat…

The second episode, “These Boots Were Made For Stalking” was just as meh as the previous one. Where is the action? Where is the chase? Where are the god damn answers we were promised? Aria is having a bit of trouble in paradise as Ezra is still babysitting Nicole (seriously, she’s ruining my favourite couple), Emily is shouting at a pathetic high school student who is probably more irritating than Alison, Spencer wants to find Mary and asks Marco the police officer to help her and Ali, well, Ali is being her typical “oh Emily, give me attention” self.

I really hope that the next episodes pick up.


What I’ve Been Reading

I started reading The Summer of Impossible Things by Rowan Coleman earlier this week and HOLY DUMBLEDORE: it’s one of my favourite books this year.

I completely absorbed the plot.

*zips mouth*

There’s a review coming in May!

In other news…

I started my fitness classes this week and oh my, I’ve been sore! On Monday, I had circuit class and I ached up until Tuesday evening and then on Thursday, I had a legs, bums + tums class which was a lot of fun. I surprisingly didn’t ache as much but I’m really enjoying the classes so far. I’ve even booked a PT session for next Saturday at 9am – ouch!

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  1. I’m yet to watch the second episode of PLL but I did watch the first one when it returned and I agree, it was really ‘meh!’ I really thought for these last few episodes that they would just sort of throw everything in and make them really interesting, but it looks like they’re not doing that so far…

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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