The Diary For Bloggers

We all know that I’m organised.

I’m actually writing this on the 6th April…

And it’s all because I have a flipping amazing diary which is perfect for life + blog.

I ordered a Busy B diary (from their section on Amazon) at the beginning of January after being undecided on one that I liked for ages. I knew that I’d want something which would make planning my life and my blog a lot easier and smoother.

This is the diary for bloggers.



The one think I like about the Busy B website is that they show the contents inside the diary and honestly, that swung me.

I chose the Busy Life Diary (currently out of stock) for £9.99 and honestly, I’ve used it every single day to keep on top of appointments, social events, what is being published on my blog and this year, I’ve decided to record my statistics.


As you open the diary, you’ve got the standard details part (which I never fill out), but then you’ve got two brief outlooks of both 2017 and 2018, followed by a month by month page so you can scribble down the tiniest of notes.

TMI but, this is how I track my time of the month.


The one part of the diary which I don’t use is the reminders pages and I should do really because there are quite a few of them scattered in the middle of the year and towards the end. I find that I don’t use them because if I need to remind myself about something, I’ll write it in the life side.


The main parts of the diary are the life + blog side which you can see above.

On the life side, I keep track on my reminders, birthday’s, social events (very few, ha!) and my appointments – doctors, dentist, hair etc.

And then on the blog side, I use the day parts to remind myself what is being posted that day and then under the reminders, I’ve been keeping track of my blog and social media statistics. I didn’t plan on doing this but I really like seeing how my blog grows – it’s quite fascinating to see what does and doesn’t work with you all.


Notes, ahhh, how I love them.

I use the notes pages (at the back of the book) to keep track of my blog income. To be fair, I do tend to forget to update it but it’s a nice way to see what I’ve earned that month.

I’ll definitely be ordering another Busy B diary for 2017 because it’s unbelievably helpful and seeing as I enjoy being organised + on top of life, this is great for me!

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