My Every Day Bag

We all have a bag which we use day in, day out, no matter the outfit choice.

When my Nan passed away, I was given the chance to take any of her shoes (we were the same size!), bags and pieces of jewellery that I wanted.

She’s the reason that I love bags so much.

I’m a bag lady.

I didn’t take much from her belongings, just a couple of pieces but the one item which I wear all the time is her little black bag.



It’s the most simple bag I’ve ever come across.

It’s ridiculously old, but I don’t care.

It’s a little piece of my Nan with me every time I wear it and I love it.

I’m not sure where she bought it from, probably a little market somewhere, but it’s really practical with it’s two large sides – one for my purse and the other for my umbrella.

If I’m really lucky, I can fit aΒ paperback book in there as well.

You may look at this bag and be thinking that it’s nothing special.

But it is.

It’s special to me because it was hers.

It’s sentimental and I plan on keeping it forever.

EL xx
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