The Sunday Post #19

Guess who has a new job in Marketing?

*raises hand*

Yup, that’s right. I’m starting on the 18th (due to my new boss being away and I’m going away), but after a chat on Friday afternoon, I was asked to join the team.


Side note: thank you to those lovely people who commented, tweeted and emailed me after last week’s post. I did start the post on a downer, but what I didn’t expect was for someone to go behind my back.

At the end of the day, it’s MY blog with MY own words and MY thoughts.

People need to realise that.


Life Admin

This week has mainly been about getting my life back on track – job, driving and saving money. I very rarely talk about what I do for a living and if I drive or not, but honestly, I’ve kept quiet for a while purely because of the backlash.

I’m feeling pretty upbeat about it all, so stay tuned.

Oh, and my fitness classes are still going strong.


What I’ve Been Reading

I started reading We All Begin As Strangers by Harriet Cummings last Sunday (seen here on my Instagram) and I’ve barely had chance to pick it up this week.

I’m hoping that today, I’ll have more time to read it this afternoon while the Mr watches the Liverpool match.

What are you currently reading?


Bank Holiday Breakfast

I really hope my PT doesn’t read my blog because my diet isn’t the best…

It was yet another Bank Holiday on Monday so the Mr and I went to Moose Coffee in Crosby before we started our day (truth be told, we ended up back indoors watching Pirates of the Caribbean).

I went for French toast with crispy bacon and it was delicious.

If you’re ever in Liverpool or Manchester – YOU MUST GO.

But be prepared to wait for a table.


Sunshine for Days

Fun fact: in the first picture, you can see the moon.

Second fun fact: the second picture was taken at 7am one morning.

This week’s weather in the North has been flipping lovely. I always read on Twitter that it’s scorching hot in London while it’s raining here, so its actually nice to see it being the other way round this week.


Date Night

On Wednesday (before we made it back in time for Masterchef), the Mr and I had a well needed date night at Prezzo but before hand, we took another stroll around Formby Forest. If you haven’t gathered, it’s one of our favourite places and it’s right on our doorstep so we can’t complain.

We also went to Yee Rah in Liverpool last night for a review meal, but more on that soon!


Pretty Little Liars

This week’s episode titled “Hold Your Piece” was a little bit more interesting than the previous ones and it’s been honoured that in the next episode, we’ll FINALLY be told who killed Mrs D.

About bloody time.

It was Hanna’s turn to play the game this week (it didn’t feature a great deal) and with a strange mannequin and a very short dress, she was almost ready to go through with her challenge but with Caleb being put in the hospital by A.D, she didn’t receive her piece of the jigsaw.

Aria and Emily teamed up in order to get to the bottom of the Jenna mystery and they stumbled across Sydney (remember her? Don’t worry, she’s still as annoying as ever). I really like the feistiness that was brought out with Aria and once she got home to a surprise visitor, it didn’t stop there.

Spencer spent 99% of the episode with the cop – I just don’t see them having a future together but right towards the end, our heart strings were pulled with a heart breaking Spoby moment in the hospital. OHMYGOD.

At the end of the episode, we saw some black gloves followed by the cop’s face (I need to learn his name, you know who I mean though) before he opened a package from an unknown sender (LOL, we know it’s A.D) and the last shot was of a finger.

The Rollins murder is about to kick off.

I feel like we’re starting to get the episodes that we want.

Until next week…

EL xx
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