Beautiful Home Pieces with Feather & Black

“Homeware is my weakness.”

Said by every blogger on the planet.

We can’t help it. We can’t help buying it. They make great props.

Especially when the products are long lasting, like the ones from Feather & Black.

When their lovely PR team got in touch and asked if I’d like to review some of their pieces, I took a look on their website and was instantly in love with pretty much every single item.

And then they said I could choose what I wanted.

Is this real life? Is this a fantasy?

10 points to Gryffindor if you can name that song.



When I chose this lamp and cushion, I had two things in mind:

  1. My parents are jazzing up the spare room, so once that’s decorated they’ll look lovely in there (they’re currently in the living room as you can see)
  2. When I get my own house with the Mr, we can take these items with us

Let’s get on with it…


Did you take enough photos of the lamp, Emma?

Not going to lie, I couldn’t stop photographing it.

It’s gorgeous.

With a rustic contemporary twist, this white terracotta lamp (£120) has a hand thrown base, a polycotton shade and looks perfect in any room in the house.

What I like the most about this lamp is the detail – on the base, it has an untidy gold detailing and then on the body, it has the white diamond effect.

The bulb (not included) is a screw-in one while can be found at pretty much any homeware shop, plus the lamp tells you which one you need to buy!


This cushion has gone down a treat in the house!

My mum loves it, the Mr loves it, I love it.

This marmotte faux fur cushion (£60) is luxurious, soft and comes with the cosiest velvet back. Granted, it is quite big and takes up majority of the sofa BUT it’s fits in well with the room’s colour scheme and it’s great as a nap pillow or to watch a film on.

Both of these pieces from Feather & Black are gorgeous + despite them currently being in the living room, I’m looking forward to seeing how they look in the spare room as well as my future house.

What I really like about the website is that when you select a product, they give you recommendations as to what other pieces would work well. Makes choosing so much more easier!

EL xx
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