The Sunday Post #20

I wanted to start off today’s post by saying thank you.

After I briefly mentioned that I was starting a new job, you all flooded me with congratulations tweets, blog comments, Instagram comments and even brands sent me emails. I’m overwhelmed and feel very supported.

I didn’t go into a lot of detail about my new role but essentially, I’ll be working in Marketing for the same company that my Mum works for (no travel expense for me!) and right now, we’re giving it three months before seeing how my new boss likes my style and how I feel about working there.

It’s all rather exciting and I start on Thursday, so wish me luck!


Blog, Blog, Blog

This week has been crazy busy and next week is even more jam packed so I’ve focused majority of these past few days on my blog.

I’m almost 99% done with May content – posts are scheduled, tweets are scheduled, emails have been sent off with dates included and now I’m making a start on June.

With me going away tomorrow (more on that in a bit) and starting my new job on Thursday, I really want to get ahead of myself so I’m not abandoning my blog. Obviously, my blog will have to take a back seat at some point but it’s one of the reasons why I landed this job so I don’t really want to fall behind.

If there’s anything you’d like to see in the upcoming months – let me know.

Side note: those tulips above are from Waitrose and have barely lasted a week because of the heat that we’ve been having recently. Gutted!


Bloggers Catch Up

On Wednesday afternoon, I made my way in Liverpool to meet up with Tasmin who I’ve known through blogging for quite a while and for the past year, we’ve been trying to meet up but our dates haven’t always worked.

We made a quick pit stop at Rococo which is a the perfect bloggers café – marble tables, comfy chairs, lots of fake trees and the brownies are just delicious (and gluten free, if you’re into that sorta thing). We had a nosy around a few shops, I picked up some Lindor chocolate for the Mr and a new work top from Forever 21.

I’m actually meeting Julia this afternoon for brunch and ALL the outfit photos.


What I’ve Been Reading

You know when you pick up a book, you’re just over halfway through and you have to put it down because it isn’t hooking you in? That happened to me this week so I’ve not been reading BUT…

Mike very kindly bought me Into The Water by Paula Hawkins and I’m stupidly excited to read it purely because I was obsessed with The Girl On The Train.

Will keep you posted!


Pretty Little Liars

Just a quick FYI for PLL fans who read this, there’s no episode next week. Apparently Marlene King wanted the show to end on 22nd June for a certain reason – linked to who A.D is perhaps? WHO WAS BORN ON THIS DATE?

So much happened in this week’s episode that I was on the edge of my seat for the entire episode. We finally found out who killed Mrs D. It’s now Sunday when I’m posting this, so I will be discussing everything that we found out. At least I give you a few days to watch it unlike some people on Twitter who spoil it straight away. UGH.

Where do I start? Pastor Ted made an appearance when Hanna + Spencer were on the hunt for Mary Drake (aka. Spencer’s birth mother) and little did they know that he was hiding her in his house. Later on, Pastor Ted dropped TWO bombshells on Hanna when he visited her: he’s Charles/Charlotte’s father *gasp* and that when he ran a camp for troubled boys, both Charles and Lucas were there – so Lucas knew him/her? Interesting..

Aria had quite a dark episode and apparently, her storyline is going to get darker as she was invited to join the A team by…. SYDNEY. I’m actually not surprised if I’m honest but I can’t wait to see what path Aria goes on.

I think everyone and their dog knew that Alison is pregnant with Emily’s baby but in this episode, it was confirmed that the rumour was in fact true and it’s actually really sweet. I’m not that excited for their storyline if I’m honest.

The biggest answer we received this week was all about who killed Mrs D and I really like the fact that it was Spencer who received the news from Peter Hastings (her Dad). Turns out: Mary killed Mrs D. She killed her own twin. It was all explained in the episode (about time) so I won’t ramble on too much but I wasn’t overly shocked at the reveal but all in all, it makes sense.


In other news…

On Sunday, we spent our afternoon tucked away in a pub in Formby (no surprise there) to watch both the Liverpool and the Man United game, which were both a waste of time, before heading back to the Mr’s for a delicious chicken roast.

On Wednesday morning at 8am, I had my first personal training at home. The sun was shining, I got very warm rather quickly and you know what? For that hour and a half, I completely shut myself away from the online world and worked out. In case you’re wondering, we’re mainly working on my thighs and stomach (two areas I strongly dislike) and afterwards, I felt like jelly. No pain. No gain. Let’s just ignore the fact that for date night, we went to GBK (oops).

Exciting news: we’re off to Leeds + York tomorrow. We’re only going until Wednesday, but a) I’ve never been to Leeds before, b) I won an overnight stay at a beautiful hotel in York which includes breakfast and afternoon tea and c) SO many of you have given me incredible food recommendations! Can’t wait.

Guess who finally got her nails done after a year? I DID! We were in Chester yesterday so I decided to treat myself to getting both my nails and feet done. So lovely.

EL xx
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