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Fun fact: I’m not a bride and I’m nowhere near one.

BUT, when I was in TKMaxx a few weeks ago, I spotted the Essie Bridal 2016 Collection for £4.99 and well, I just had to pick it up.

Another fun fact: TKMaxx is flipping brilliant for beauty bargains.



I’ve never tried Essie nail polishes before.


I’ve always glanced at their counter in Boots, loved the selection of colours but then I’ve always been draw back to Rimmel because with them, I know what I’m getting with formula and how long the polish lasts until I have to think about repainting.

So naturally, for £4.99 I couldn’t say no to a trio of cute colours.

Granted, this is a bridal collection but I wasn’t put off by that (the packaging wasn’t that great, but that’s a TKMaxx bargain for you!).


Let’s start with Coming Together, a soft pink shade.

This colour is absolutely perfect for day to day wear especially in Spring and Summer. If you’re into floral trends this year, this would look gorgeous on your nails or if you’re into more basic + plain clothes like myself (so original), then it’ll still look just as good.

FYI: This nail polish needs about 6 coats before you see any shade of colour which is completely fine but then it does tend to resemble a bubble gum pink vibe which I’m not particularly after..


“Oh, I think I’ll be borrowing this one…” – My mum.

This was the first of the three that I tried for the simple reason that my nails had been in desperate need of a pop of colour for quite some time and this beautiful terracotta rose shade.

With shades such as red and deep rose, they tend to leave a stain on your nails which can only be solved by a bloody good scrub or a repaint. But with this particular colour, I found that it barely left a stain which I was really impressed with.

Mrs Always Right is the perfect shade for a night out or date night if you’re wearing a little black dress and you’re looking for a pop of colour on your nails.

I feel like this is much more a late Summer and Autumn shade so I’ll definitely be saving this until then.


And lastly, we have Passport to Happiness which is probably my favourite shade out of the tree in the collection.

I’m a big fan of light green/mint nail polish shades so this for me, is perfect.

I have a similar shade from Rimmel, but with this Essie one, it has the tiniest hint of shimmer which kinda makes me want to be a mermaid when I apply it.

Most definitely my favourite!

To sum up… 

The formula is brilliant and I now realise why Essie is so popular.

Not only are their shades beautiful but they’re quite long lasting, but for me, £7.99 for one nail polish is a bit much especially when other brands have just as good formula for £2-£4 within the drugstore.

Perhaps for a special occasion for a big celebration or a holiday, I’ll treat myself but right now, I’m pretty happy with the 2016 Bridal Collection.

I’m definitely going to pop back into TKMaxx to see if there are any other Essie and makeup bargains.

EL xx
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