Date Night at Yee Rah

Date night is one of my favourite nights with Mike.

Essentially, it means going to a restaurant and not reaching for our phones.

It’s lovely.

At the beginning of May, Yee Rah got in touch with me and asked if I’d like to review their new menu. I used to eat there quite a bit during my third year at University but I haven’t been in about five years.


We went on a Saturday evening in Liverpool, knowing our table was booked for seven and the place was BUSY.

People were queueing out the door, waiting in the bar area and the staff were running around trying to serve everybody. From the first step through the door, the atmosphere was incredible.

We were seated upstairs in very comfy seats (that’s a bonus in itself) before ordering some cocktails and table water.


The drinks menu is brilliant, so if you’re in Liverpool and you’re wanting a bar which does incredible cocktails – go here!

We both opted for a bartenders special cocktail (£6.85) seeing as it was date night: Strawberry Daiquiri for me (fresh strawberries, Havana and triple sec) and Thai Star Martini for him (vanilla, passion fruit, guava with a shot of passion fruit.)

We tried each other’s drinks and they were delicious.

Onto the food…


For starters, I went for BBQ baby back ribs (£6.50) which were probably, the best I’ve ever had and believe me when I say: I’ve eaten a lot of ribs. Once my knife touched the meat, it fell off the bone and was unbelievably tender and soft.


I could eat those again.

The Mr went for prawn tempura (£7) which he couldn’t get enough of.

Safe to say, the starters were a success.


For mains, I was really stuck with what to order as there was so much choice and I kind of regretting a dish which I can have any night of the week.

In the end, I went for sweet and sour chicken with jasmine rice (£11) and a side of broccoli (£3). I wasn’t a massive fan of my main which I spoke to the manager about as he very kindly came over towards the end for a quick feedback chat (which I loved because you can see in his face that he truly cares). The jasmine rice was fluffy but there just wasn’t enough chicken for my liking and the sour was on the wrong side of watery.

It wasn’t exactly a let down, but I was still hungry.

The Mr went for Texan-style ribs (£17) which he wolfed down with a side of onion rings and I basically ate all of his chips. Sorry, not sorry because they were good.


Everyone knows that the best part of any meal is the dessert.

Seeing as the double trouble chocolate cake was sold out (cries), we both went for the Belgium waffles (£5.50). While I was busy taking photos, the Mr tucked in and I just knew from the “oh my…” comment, that it was going to be good.

And they were.

Yee Rah in itself is such a lovely place to come for any type of meal – date night, birthday, leaving work drinks, birthdays, celebrations and what I really admired the most was the fact that there was a large party of elderly deaf people near us. The staff were incredible kind towards them, sat with them while they ordered, kept making sure if they needed anything else and really looked after them.

You know it’s a good restaurant when they do that.

We had two waitresses – both were so friendly, extremely kind and the service was superb. The manager, Georgi was really kind and even came over to our table after our main meal to have a chat about my blog and our evening.

If you’re in Liverpool any time soon, head on over to Yee Rah as the food is absolutely incredible and you won’t be disappointed.

EL xx
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