The Sunday Post #21

Does anyone else write a to-do list and it turns out to be ridiculously long?

That’s my life right now.

The craziness has only just begun…



Bloggers in Liverpool

For lunch last Sunday, I met up with Julia to have a natter and take some outfit photos for one another.

We ventured into Liverpool where we had burgers at What’s Cooking (not the best) before snapping away at the water front as well as St. George’s Hall.

We’re meeting up again in a week or so to take more photos because I really want to up my fashion posts for you all.


New and Familiar Places

I think I mentioned in last week’s post that the Mr and I were doing a bit of travelling this week. Nothing crazy, just to Leeds and York for two nights.

I’m doing a few travel posts which will be coming in the next few weeks so I don’t want to go into too much detail.

What I will say, is that I didn’t enjoy Leeds.

I expected it to be this really lovely place, but in reality, I didn’t like it. We had a slight car bump while driving to our hotel (we weren’t hurt + the car doesn’t have any scratches), so I think that may have contributed to my mood.

We soon departed Leeds and headed to York where we stayed at The Grand Hotel (courtesy of my competition win back in January with GoSend). The hotel itself was absolutely beautiful, the staff were on another level of friendly and I could have happily stayed in the Jacuzzi all night long.

But, more on both of those trips soon!


New Job, New Start

I’m sure you’ve all heard about my new job as a marketing assistant by now.

I started on Thursday (due to my plans already being booked) and despite only working there two days, I feel part of the team already. I have an hour for lunch (which I’m using to write this post!), my Mum is down the corridor and the other members of marketing are seriously lovely.

I’m looking forward to getting stuck into work a bit more, as right now, I’m still learning the basics but trying to put my stamp on the projects I’ve got.

I know quite a few of you have asked where I’m working and I understand that you want to support me, but for privacy reasons, I’m not disclosing which company I work for.


Thursday’s Sky

Did anyone else spot how gorgeous the sky was on Thursday?

One of the main reasons why I love having this view from my bedroom window is to capture sunsets like this. Oh, it was gorgeous!

EL xx
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