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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m no stranger to Collection Cosmetics and in particular, their lipsticks.

I did a post about their Taffeta Bloom lipstick back in 2016 (which you’ll see later on in the post) and honestly, they’re my favourite drugstore lipstick.


Fun fact: I didn’t buy this lipstick, nor did Collection send it to me.

My Mum actually bought it on my recommendation, but when she tried it out, she realised that she didn’t like the colour (sigh, she didn’t swatch it) so it was kindly passed onto me. No complaints.


China Rose is quite a lovely rose shade, perfect for Summer everyday wear.

The long lasting lipsticks are a little bit matte but not at all drying which I flipping love and for £2.99, you can’t really complain.

For me, the lipstick lasts for a good five hours which gets a thumbs up from me as it is a drugstore lipstick so you can’t expect it to last all day.


<< LEFT: China Rose // RIGHT: Taffeta Bloom >>

You can’t really go wrong with a little lipstick comparison, can you?

I’ve had Taffeta Bloom in my makeup collection since last year and it’s the lipstick I tend to grab for days out when I want something long lasting because this is a lot more matte than China Rose.

They’re both from the same Long Lasting Lipstick collection, weird right?

Aside from the matte difference, these lipstick both work wonderfully during any time of the year which I really like (that’s a plus for me when purchasing one!).

Despite China Rose being a deeper shade, I really enjoy wearing both.

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  1. Such pretty colours, definitely have to try these out! Great review and pictures. Xo

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