The Sunday Post #22

I created my regular Sunday posts to share the highlights of my week.

Granted, some weeks have been tougher than others and I’ve never really hidden what’s been going on behind the scenes. You’ve known in some sense that things are quite right without going into too much detail.

I think it’s safe to say that this week has been horrific for the UK and in particular, Manchester. If you didn’t know, I’m based in the North West, closer to Liverpool than any other city but with being a Man United support and a regular visitor to the city, Monday night’s events really struck a cord.

We lost a lot of people in that attack.

Innocent people who had just enjoyed a concert lost their lives.

Both adults and children were there.

A homeless man held a woman in his arms until she passed away.

It’s now been reported that he’s got a house, money and a job – all because of his incredible act of bravery.

We then received the news on Tuesday afternoon that Sir Roger Moore had passed away from a short battle with Cancer and then on Wednesday morning, five people sadly lost their lives in a crash on the M6.

This week has been an absolute bitch.


What I’ve Been Reading

With starting a new job, I’m finding that the best time for me to read is first thing in a morning (I get to the office at 8 but only just before 9) or on my lunch break which is a lovely hour long.

I’ve spoken briefly about Into The Water in a previous Sunday post, but honestly, I’m only including it because a) I don’t have a lot of photos from the week, b) I’m slowly progressing through it and c) it’s on my Instagram, so it may as well be here.

I’m honestly not that far through the book but with it being Bank Holiday tomorrow, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get quite a bit of it read before I go out for the day.


Pretty Little Liars

Last week’s break was unnecessary, lets face it but we were treated to an episode full of information rather than answers.

First up, Aria is on the A team and you know what, I’m honestly not all that surprised. She’s probably my favourite Liar (as well as Spencer), but she really suits being dark – she’s obviously not 100% on the team, just doing it to help her friends but with there only being 4 episodes left, it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

A lot happened surrounding Lucas (apparently, he has a big secret coming up in next week’s episode). Emily and Hanna discovered a comic book which Lucas and Charles (Charlotte, CeCe, A) created when they were children/teenagers – so essentially, he knew her and he could have been helping with the torturing of the girls.

The episode seemed to focus around Emily; discovering the comic book, saying goodbye to Paige (does anyone like her character?), realising that she wants a baby with Alison and then making the big decision to raise it with Ali.

Spencer wasn’t exactly having the best of times; Mary was leaving her notes in a wine bottle (classy), Detective what’s-his-name was sniffing around, she tried to meet up with Mary in that poky hotel room, the detective followed her and well, let’s just say that she’s in a fair bit of hot water. Turns out, the night that Spencer and the detective met (we watched), not only did she joke about burying a body but she also used Archer Dunhill’s card to pay for their drinks which she then signed for using her name. My guess is that she’ll spend majority of next week’s episode being questioned…

A familiar face returned to the show this week; Wren. He met with “Spencer” in an airport lounge where they bumped into Ezra (who was boarding a flight to go see Nicole, sigh – that storyline is old now). I say “Spencer” because I don’t think any fan of the show actually believes it was her and with us being able to hear the words, “stop contacting me,” things don’t exactly seem normal.


In other news…

I’ve survived my first full week at my new job and it’s safe to say, I absolutely love it. My boss is lovely and the two girls who I sit with are unbelievably friendly. My lunch break (middle photo) consists of trying to catch up with blogging and a bit reading – my view from the couch isn’t too shabby.

My one year anniversary with the Mr is only in July but earlier this week, he very kindly booked us to stay at a beautiful hotel in Chester for the night. He managed to get a really good deal on Secret Escapes with breakfast, evening meal and other bits + bobs included.

Don’t worry – the above photo isn’t a repeat of last week. The skies have been crazy beautiful the past few nights and on Thursday morning, I deeply regret not capturing the sunrise as it was such a lovely sight.

The big Manchester United final took place on Wednesday evening and with everything that had gone on earlier this week, winning would mean than just a trophy and a place in the Champions League. Thankfully, we did win and it was well deserved at that.

Can we just discuss the weather this week? SWEATING. ROASTING. BOILING. All the adjectives. All the fans switched on.

EL xx
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