Tasting the Caribbean Life

Liverpool have a lot of amazing restaurants, cafes and cocktail bars.

As a blogger, I’m very lucky that from time to time, I’m giving the opportunity to review some of them.

On Friday evening, the Mr and I visited Turtle Bay on Hanover Street.

Turtle Bay is a Caribbean restaurant, full of delicious smells and lovely staff.


Our table was booked for 7pm and we arrived around half 6, not knowing if we’d have to wait at the bar but to our luck, we were kindly seated straight away. I met the host, the manager and our waiter within a matter of minutes – all three really friendly and very welcoming.

First point of call was ordering drinks.

I opted for the elderflower cooler (£3.60) which is a mixture of elderflower, cucumber ribbons, fresh mint, lime juice topped with soda. As it was 2 for 1 on cocktails before 7pm, the Mr ordered a GoomBay Smash (£7.15) which is made up of cockspur rum, Koko Kanu coconut rum, apricot liqueur, bitters, shaken with an orange and pineapple.

Side note: that elderflower cooler was insanely good. Can I have it on tap, please?


After our drinks arrived, we quickly ordered our food.

For starter, the Mr had spiced whitebait (£5.10) and I had jerk glazed pit ribs with a pineapple glaze (£5.10).

The ribs were very, very good – could happily eat those again!


For our main course, I really struggled as I didn’t really know what I wanted to eat.

We both went for an item from the Jerk Pit BBQ section of the menu. The Mr opted for a spicy sirloin steak with a coconut glaze (£16.95) and I went for the braised pork belly with a pineapple glaze (£12.50).

Honestly, neither of us were crazy about our mains.

The sweet potato mash which came with my pork belly was watery, mushy and had no taste to it at all. The pork, however, was really juicy and the crackling which came on top was delicious – more of that please.



After our mains, we were kindly treated to a passionfruit cocktail which was lovely and just what you need after a meal.

Overall, I love the vibe of Turtle Bay.

I think it’s great that the starters are all the same price, but is it worth the money?

If we had paid for our meal (it was a complimentary review meal by the way), it would have been £50 and I honestly don’t think it’s worth the money.

However, the cocktails are delicious and the staff are very welcoming.

If you love Caribbean food, Turtle Bay is situated on Hanover Street.

EL xx
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