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Leeds: Travel Diary

Leeds has never really been on my to-see list.

I follow quite a few bloggers from the area and I always enjoy seeing their photos and blog posts about the city, but I’ve never thought, “ooh, I must go there.”

I’m was actually disappointed by what Leeds had to offer and I never thought I’d say that about anywhere in the UK.

It was all down to a mixture of the crap weather, a slight car crash (nothing major, just an idiot who reversed into us at a red light) and the fact that there wasn’t a great deal to see. Nevertheless, I still wanted to share a few pictures that I took..


Our first stop once we parked up in the city centre, was our beloved Costa. It was a quick fuel stop as we were both in desperate need of a brew.
Soon after, we took a stroll around the shopping centre and Trinity Kitchen (FYI, they have a black + white photo booth which is a lot of fun!) before heading into Kirkgate Market. As it was a Monday morning, it was quite quiet and neither of us expected a great deal from it, but it’s a great place to hide from the rain.
Shortly after wandering around the market, we headed into Victoria Gate Shopping Centre which was probably the most picturesque part of Leeds.
For lunch, a lot of people sent me recommendations and for quickness (because I was beyond hungry), we visited Bagel Nash (we’ve been to the York branch).
I went for the chicken club on a plain bagel while the Mr went for pesto, mozzarella and peppers on a seeded bagel. Safe to say, it was delicious.
Once lunch had been devoured, we took a walk to the Town Hall, before checking into our Travelodge room.
I just want to briefly mention our room: we love staying in Travelodge’s simply because the bed’s are super comfy but we had a HUGE bathroom with plenty of light and the most amazing shower. It was probably the best Travelodge bathroom we’ve had.
For dinner, the recommendations came in thick and fast. We had our heart set on a place called George’s simply because the menu looked heavenly but next door, we spotted Red Hot Buffet and we just fancied a change from a proper sit down meal.
The duck pancakes.
They were SO good. I must have had about three.
I also had a cheeky strawberry daiquiri which was unbelievably strong and had far too much puree in but oh my, it was (kinda) good.
After dinner, we went for another drink in Tiger, Tiger and soon enough, it was time for bed.
I feel bad about not completely loving Leeds, but if I’m 100% honest, the car bump we had made me very anxious and I just couldn’t wait to get out of the city.
I have a York travel diary coming at the beginning of June so stay tuned for that.
EL xx

5 thoughts on “Leeds: Travel Diary

  1. I live just outside Leeds, it’s not really the most touristy of places so it doesn’t really always appeal to people visiting but it’s not really meant to attract tourists as much as York or the surrounding areas! Great post though💗

  2. Appreciate your honest feelings, I was actually going to study abroad and live in Leeds (I didn’t end up doing it though) so it’s interesting to see what it looks like. Now I’m kinda glad I didn’t go :p

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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