York: Travel Diary

The one thing that I really enjoy about my blog is that I get to share my travels with you all. Whether it’s just to another city in the UK or if it’s somewhere abroad.

Travel posts are probably my favourite to read.

You may have already seen my post about our time in Leeds and shortly after leaving, we headed to York which was our main purpose of the entire trip.


Back in January, I won a competition with GoSend on Twitter. Essentially, I won a night’s stay in The Grand Hotel, in York, a continental breakfast and afternoon tea (all for two people) and seeing as I fell in love with the surroundings in November, I was pretty excited to return.

Our first stop was York Cocoa House.

It was around two o’clock and we were both in need of a chocolate fix so we headed to the one place which, according to Google, does the best hot chocolates in York.

I went for a simply hot chocolate, alongside a chocolate and cherry scone while the Mr went for an orange hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was rich, warm and exactly what I needed. The scone, however, it was enjoyable but not as soft as I’d hope.

It may be because we visited in the afternoon, but it didn’t taste as fresh as I’d hoped. Nevertheless, the hot chocolate was the perfect companion with the decor as it was a blogger’s dream.

When I go back to York, I’m definitely going to go for a slice of cake.

Once we were full, we still had a little bit of time before our three pm check-in so we decided to take a quick stroll.

Our first stroll was towards a rather Instagram worthy building (if you turn right out of the Cocoa House, you’ll see them). We weren’t sure if they were being used as homes, or offices but SO many people were taking photos of them, probably for their own Instagram. If you continue along that particular path, it’ll bring you out to the Art Gallery, cobbled streets, the river and soon enough, York Minster.

Once we’d checked into our hotel, we didn’t leave until dinner time as the pool and gym were ours to take advantage of until late in the evening, but once our fingers turned into prunes, we knew it was time to leave.
Dinner recommendations came in thick and fast through social media, which gave us A LOT of places to choose from.

We decided to have dinner at Brigantes, simply because sausage and mash was on the menu and quite frankly, I’ve been craving it for weeks. Unknown to me, there were quite a few spices in the sausage which meant I couldn’t eat it so instead, I opted for the steak and ale pie with mash and vegetables, whilst the Mr went for fish and chips. Safe to say, if you want incredible pub food, GO HERE.


After waking up the next morning, I had a bath while catching up on a few YouTube videos while the Mr took advtange of the gym once again. If my personal trainer is reading this; I did take my workout clothes… Ha!

Our continental breakfast was included in the competition win and around nine in the morning, we went downstairs and stuffed our faces with the most delicious pastries.

After packing up our belongings and checking out, we headed staight for the Wall. If you’re unaware of what the Wall is; essentially, you walk along a wall which surrounds the city and you’re able to see some of the most beautiful views. I’m not sure exactly where we started, but we may have walked for about 30-40 minutes.

The only thing I would note about this particular free activity is that, the wall isn’t a full circle – it seems to be dotted around the city, eventually making a loop around and I’m a bit gutted that I didn’t manage to capture York Minster from the wall.

Our final competition element with The Grand Hotel was afternoon tea.


That was unbelievably delicious.

We both went into the room with the mind-set of, “if we’re not full, we’ll grab a cheeky Costa before hitting the road.”

We didn’t need the Costa…

We had the most incredible stay at The Grand Hotel; the decor was beautiful, the staff were beyond friendly and I could have happily stayed in the pool for a very long time…

EL xx
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