Testing Beauty Products

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been testing out five beauty products.

Three of them are products you can wear and two are applicators.

I really enjoy going into Boots and Superdrug, browsing the counters and picking up new products to try out from brands who I’ve grown to admire and built up a relationship with, as well as trying out new brands whose counters I’ve walked past but never given much thought to.

I have done this post twice before and seeing as SO many have requested it again…

Your wish is my command.

I’ll keep my thoughts/opinions brief so you’re not reading for hours!


Brand: MakeUp Revolution
Sculpt & Contour Palette

Contour, highlight and blush – three aspects, all in one.

This is such an incredible product, especially for travelling or wanting to do your makeup rather quickly as the products are all kept together.

The contour is probably my favourite out of three as you only need one or two swipes on your brush as it’s quite pigmented but after that, you’re good to go. The highlight is stunning (as are all Make Up Revolution highlighters!) and gives a good 6-8 hours of wear with a perfect glow. The blush is new to me as I’ve never tried one from the brand but after testing out, I like it but I’m not crazy about it.

This trio is brilliant for the price and is rather long-lasting.

Overall verdict: 5/5


Brand: Collection Cosmetics
Product: Extreme 24Hr Felt Tip Liner
Shop: Superdrug
Price: £2.99

Collection are one of my all-time favourite brands with their concealer being a holy grail and constant repurchase of mine. I’ve tried quite a few of their products but never have I picked up one of their eyeliners and everyone knows how much I love winged eyeliner.

Honestly, I like the product. It’s very long lasting, you can remove it within a couple of swipes of a cotton pad and it’s really black (all eyeliner lovers out there will understand).

For me, this is the eyeliner that I’ll reach for when I have more time to do my makeup without feeling like I’m in a rush to go to work or meet the Mr. The reason for this is that it’s a felt tip so one wrong moment and your eyeliner is basically ruined. This is definitely being kept for days when I can enjoy putting my face on or when I’ve got a blog event to attend.

Overall verdict: 4/5


Brand: Models Own
Product: All About Lips (Christmas Gift Set)
Shop: Sold out, unless you hunt in TK Maxx
Price: £9.99 (I paid £4)

Models Own are a new brand in my makeup collection and it’s all thanks to a cheeky TK Maxx bargain in the early days of May.

These four lip glosses (l-r; red hot, berry nice, madame rose, ballet pink) are perfect for wearing all year round. First up, you’ve got Red Hot which is a gorgeous red shade ideally for December, New Year and nights out. Berry Nice essentially screams “wear me in Autumn,” and don’t worry, I plan on doing! Madame Rose is the shade which I’m reaching for right now during Summer and last but no means least, is Ballet Pink which is a pretty, pink shade ideally for daily wear for shopping or working in the office.

The only tiny fault I could find with these four lipglosses is that they’re not very pigmented. In the tub, they are such beautiful colours but they don’t transform onto your lips particularly well (after a good 3-4 coats, they do). I do like the fact that their forumla isn’t sticky so if it’s a windy day and your hair is down, you’ll have no problem!

Overall verdict: 3/5


Brand: Rimmel
Product: Stay Matte Powder
Shop: Boots/Superdrug
Price: £3.99

Remember in late May when we had that week of unbelieve heat? In that week, I popped into Boots to pick up a new powder because mine, quite frankly, wasn’t doing much good as my face was melting.

I could have wrote a review the next day.

It’s SO good. I went for Peach Glow which is the medium shade in the collection and even though my skin is a little bit on the pale side, it’s given the glow which I’ve so desperately needed. I’ve had A LOT of compliments on my skin since wearing this and with the heat, it’s kept my makeup on throughout the entire 12 hours that it’s on.

Overall verdict: 5/5


Brand: Real Techniques
Product: Miracle Complexion Sponge
Shop: Boots/Superdrug/ASDA
Price: £9.99 (on offer for a pack of two)

I adore the Real Technique brushes – I have both their face and eyes set, but more recently, I picked up a pack of their sponges wondering what all the hype was about.


How can I ever go back to a concealear brush ever again?

At first, I tried the sponge dry and it wasn’t doing much, but after hearing that it’s best to wet them, I tried that and ever since, it’s changed my makeup. Not only does my makeup last a lot longer because it’s applying better, but it’s making it look a lot better.

The only issue I’ve found is that they get dirty very quickly and they’re a pain to wash.

Overall verdict: 5/5


Brand: The Body Shop
Product: Highlighting Brush
Shop: The Body Shop
Price: £12

I recently had a one-on-one consulation at The Body Shop in Liverpool about all the skincare and makeup which was brilliant (didn’t receive the goodiebag which was promised…) and I came home with exactly what I wanted; a highlighting brush.

For £12, the brush does exactly what you want. With its petite point and soft bristles, it’s very easy to apply and will happily be swirled around on the product.

Overall verdict: 5/5

EL xx
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