My Most Worn Outfit

I should probably start this post off with a disclaimer: all items have been in the wash multiple times.

I’ve wanted to write this post for SO long but never had the chance to get photos with a good background and other content just slipped in its place.

DSC06472 DSC06465

Location: St. George’s Hall, Liverpool
Behind the camera: Julia

I love this outfit.

It’s the one I tend to reach for about 70% of the time simply because a) it’s ideal for any weather, b) it’s comfortable, c) it hides my lumps + bumps and d) I’m a bit shit at styling clothes together.

I could very easily ramble on for ages about each individual piece of clothing, but seeing as it’s my most worn outfit, you’ve probably already guessed that I love each piece.

And you’re right.

Raincoat – Zara
Top – Gap
Jeans – Gap
Shoes – H&M
Bag – Accessorize

EL xx
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