The Sunday Post #24

Where has this week gone?

I spent last weekend shopping with the Mr in Cheshire Oaks and then all day Sunday, I scheduled a lot of blog content, scheduled about three weeks worth of tweets and actually managed to relax for about 30 minutes before realizing that I had another admin job to do.

Juggling a full time job, my blog, emails, driving lessons, PT sessions and trying to treat myself from time to time.



I’ve finally reached 700 followers.

*throws confetti*

Yes, numbers aren’t everything but when you constantly put a lot effort into your images, it’s actually nice to get something out of it.


What I’ve Been Reading

Into The Water by Paula Hawkins is a book I’ve “been reading” for a month, but only this week have I recently actually got round to making progress. I’m under 100 pages into it, but so far, I’m quite enjoying it.

My lunch view at work is rather fantastic, don’t you think?


Pretty Little Liars

It’s strange to think that PLL is coming to an end in a few weeks – three I think?

This week seemed to be a real mixture of storylines for majority of the girls, but once again, where was Alison? It feels weird that she’s not in every episode.

Aria does another job for A.D, which essentially meant destroying Spencer’s family. Ouch! Aria planted a recording of Mary Drake and Mr Hastings discussing their plans to get rid of Mrs D and to no surprise, one of them did go through it. This, then brought on a black and white dream which Aria had that included a prison, Ezra with a black eye, Mona singing and Mrs Hastings not forgiving Aria for the trouble she’s caused.

The baby storyline is still going strong (sigh, I’m bored of it already) and with Alison “out of town,” Emily turns to Mona in order to learn who the father is. Mona is brilliant at getting the answers with a large side of blackmail; she’s definitely a favourite character of mine.

Mary Drake comes back into Rosewood (has she officially left?), frightens Spencer, forces her to drive to The Lost Resort where she asks if they can give their mother/daughter relationship a real go. Will Spencer go through it? I really hoped she wouldn’t and I’m glad she decided to stick around.

When it comes to Hanna, she has quiteΒ the loving episode with her Mum returning to Rosewood and Caleb kinda proposed. I mean, CUTE, but a) where was the ring, b) he didn’t get down on one knee and c) she didn’t actually say yes. Nevertheless, they recreated the sex tent scene from season one which was quite sweet.

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